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How our pitch deck review works

We’ve trained our AI model on everything we’ve learned from working with hundreds of founders and their pitch decks.

Our pitch deck reviewer uses the same method we’ve used to help companies raise more than $350 million in venture capital. It follows the Slidebean “formula” with everything we've learned about pitch decks to review your slides and provide actionable feedback on key metrics of your deck.
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Crunchbase presentation slide example.
Things to improve
  • Your slide appears to be somewhat disorganized and lacks a
    clear, concise problem statement.
  • You've mentioned several issues like paid ads not being effective, SEO at risk, need for content marketing, and cost of video production.
  • Your slide lacks data to support your assertions. For instance, you claim that B2B SaaS companies are desperate for content marketing channels.
  • Lastly, the informality and self-referential notes on the slide can be distracting and convey a lack of professionalism.
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What you’ll get

You'll get a pitch deck review with annotations on what we recommend revising, improving, or deepening on each slide.

This is the first step in getting ready to pitch to investors.
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Our pitch deck review process

It’s simple: 
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Get insightful feedback on your slides
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