Sigma Computing erhält 300 Millionen US-Dollar in der Finanzierungsrunde der Serie C

Bernardo Montes de Oca

Sigma Computing raised $300 million in a Series C funding round led by D1 Capital Partners and hedge fund NX1. The California-based company makes cloud analysis easier by using a spreadsheet-like User Interface so that anyone can explore data faster, leading to better decision making.

The company places live data in billions of rows in a familiar setup so teams of any size, from marketers to product managers, can make real-time decisions on critical processes such as supply chain, budgeting, and consumer engagement.

“The delta between an enterprise’s performance and its potential is the speed and accuracy of the decisions it makes across its organization,” Sigma Computing CEO Mike Palmer said in a company statement. “We are erasing that delta for competitive companies that want to arm their departments — from operations, finance, marketing and beyond — with the data they need to make decisions quickly and without frustrating delays and dependencies.”

To date, the company has raised $381.3 million. With this most recent funding, Sigma Computing plans to expand and reach more companies.

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