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CEO at Slidebean


pitch decks
growth marketing

Happy to review your pitch deck, share my thoughts on your fundraising plans, or give you insights on your go-to-market strategy.

Jose Bolaños

CTO at Slidebean



Co-founder and CTO at Slidebean. I can help you with a range of technical and non-technical topics such as software development, distributed systems, hiring technical staff, and product design.

Vinicio Chanto

Chief Design Officer at Slidebean


pitch decks

I'm an industrial designer, and one of the creators of Slidebean. I'm happy to share my 10-year experience in product design, UI/UX, user onboarding, and visual communication design.

Paul Silva

General Partner at Launch413


pitch decks

Paul is a General Partner at Launch413 (, a Post Accelerator getting startups to their first $10 million in revenue. He also leads the River Valley Investors angel network.

Mike Lingle

CEO at Rocket Pro Forma


financial models
pitch decks

Former software developer who’s raised venture capital, launched three presentation startups, had an exit, and run several accelerator programs. Entrepreneur in residence at Babson College and Founder Institute.

Fred Denton

Senior Copywriter at Slidebean

Subject Matter Expert

pitch decks

Fred leads the pitch deck writing team at Slidebean. All the pitch deck projects the company works on go through Fred's hands. Before joining Slidebean, Fred was the executive director at the CRUSA NGO, and the General Manager at one of the largest newspapers in Costa Rica.