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"Slidebean understood a complex financial model with ease and helped us raise $425k"
Jeremy Hill
Co-Founder | Cloaked
Having the validation of our financial model, plus all the tips, was super cool. Slidebean opened up our minds a lot"
Irene Rosich
CEO | EntreVideo
The session was informative. The financial model sheets available with the Slidebean account are a bit daunting on their own - having this walkthrough was great, as well as the practical applications of the data and ability to ask specific questions on modeling and different scenarios.
Tim Chalk
Co-Founder | Cloaked
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We’ve built a monthly program that helps founders understand the logic behind financial modeling. This is not a one-off template but a collaborative, one-on-one process for you to learn the trade from our business analysts on how to model and project your financial data.

Our goal is to empower founders like you to make better decisions about their budgets and ultimately help them reach their company goals.
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