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Pitch Deck Consulting Services

We’ve been involved in the investor deck writing and design of over 30,000 startups and companies we’ve worked with have raised more than $250 million combined. These are some of their experiences:
MinuteSkill Logo
Our pitch deck helped MinuteSkill raise $225,000
Our Pitch Deck helps SuperPeer simplifying their communication strategy
raised $7M with a pitch deck written & designed by Slidebean.
raised $425,000 with a pitch deck designed & financial model built by Slidebean

Our pitch deck consulting process

Learn how we create a world-class deck for you
Book a discovery call
We'll discuss what you're looking for, project scope and turnarounds in order quote your project.
Engagement letter/NDA
Every project we take on is covered by an agreement letter and kept confidential through NDA.
Business briefing call
We'll discuss the details of your business and gather any information that will help us tell your story in the most effective way.
Writing team
Our business analyst will put together a sharp, concise pitch deck to present your company successfully.
Provide feedback
By working together, we can make this process a collaborative one. You’ll be able to provide feedback every step of the way.
Pitch deck design
Our team will design professional-looking slides to tell a compelling story.
Learn more about our process by reviewing our terms of service.
Talk to sales
Book a free call to learn more about our services and
how we can help with your business pitch deck.
Financial Model Workshop Women

Don’t speak spreadsheet? Worry not!

Financial Modeling Workshops

We’ve built a program that helps founders understand the logic behind financial modeling. This is not a one-off template, but rather a collaborative process for you to learn the trade from our business analysts on how to model and project your financial data.

Our goal is to empower founders like you to make better decisions about their budgets and ultimately help them reach their company goals.

Slidebean Case studies

$7M raised by Sparkcharge with Slidebean's help

By going with Slidebean, we were able to captivate and create a very cinematic and visually appealing pitch deck for investors.

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How Slidebean helped Cloaked land funding

Slidebean took a good deck and made it look slick, clean and professional. It was really presentable to the VCs. The outcome of the services is the combination of a lot of cool tech and smart people.

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Slidebean pitch deck made communication easier for Superpeer

For Superpeer, their pitch deck helped achieve one thing: simplicity. Plus, the interaction between the company and Slidebean was one of the highlights. “It was easy, painless, and the final product was great! I didn’t even need to request any revisions, which is always a great sign!”

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Our portfolio: pitch deck examples
Explore presentations that have helped our clients get funded
Pitch deck consulting
Pitch deck consulting
Pitch deck consulting
Pitch deck consulting
Pitch deck consulting
Pitch deck consulting
Pitch deck consulting
Pitch deck consulting
Pitch deck consulting
Make your pitch deck stand out
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