We write, design & model your pitch deck
We provide pitch deck consulting services based on our own experience raising capital.
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Engagement letter/NDA
All projects are signed under
engagement letter, and kept
confidential via NDA.
Business strategy call
In the kick-off call you’ll brief us
about your business and we will
discuss the ideal angle for the story.
Writing team
Our business analysts will
condense your information into
a powerful pitch deck.
Presentation design
Our design team will craft
profesional-looking slides
for your business.
Provide feedback
This is a collaborative process.
You’ll be able to provide
feedback every step of the way.
Financial modeling bonus
We have a bonus track in which
we help you craft a financial
model for your business.
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You can review more details about how the process works by reviewing our Letter of Engagement.
Our Pricing
Bonus track: Financial Model
Our Custom Startup Financial Model is a summary of your company's revenue and expenses. Using historical data, a Model allows the business to track KPIs such as gross and net margin, as well as forecasting future performance, based on critical metrics such as customer cost of acquisition.
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We have been involved in the investor deck
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Either with Slidebean AI, our presentation design platform, or with our consulting services, thousands of investor deck design projects have been created with our platform.
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