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We’re a team of passionate, diverse individuals who are dedicated to helping startups move forward. Through our Youtube content, our tools, and our Agency services, we’re committed to guiding startup founders in the rocky journey of starting and growing a company. Get a glimpse of the varied talent currently working with us!

Put a face to our names

Spreadsheet Artist
Vini Chanto
Grammar Judge
Paula Echeverría
Culture Manager
Ping Pong Legend
David Marín
Customer Success Manager
Certified Dad Jokes
Gustavo Paniagua
Head of Marketing
Shortcuts Master
Diana Bogantes
Data Analyst
Hardcore Marathoner
Tatiana Nájera
Office Support
The Office Barista
Allan Chacón
Software Developer
Crossfit Padawan
Pablo Guerrero
Senior Developer
Sir Codes a Lot
Elena Solís
Digital Animator
Festival Melophile
Fred Denton
Senior Copywriter/Analyst
Neo-expressionist Mapmaker
Celeste Chacón
Customer Success Agent
The Extroverted Introvert
Paula Jiménez
Digital Animator
Plant Lady
Fabiola Porras
Design Network Manager
The Pancake Master
Yoshua Campos
Video Editor
The New Guy
Tathy Montero
Customer Success Associate
The chatty one
Páraic Mclean
Community Manager
Theatre Enthusiast
Presentation Designer
Detail Lover
Presentation Designer
Visuals Enthusiast
Lo-fi beats aficionado
LP Climber
Conversion/Retention Analyst
Baby Witch
Presentation Designer
Cat Lover
Excecutive Assistant to the Founders
The Online Streaming Fan
Financial Analyst
DP and Editor
Board Game fanatic
Presentation Designer
Retro Videogame Maestro
Diego Jiménez
Operations Manager
Jonathan Zepeda
Inbound Sales Representative
Valeria López
Community Manager
Afraaz Masters
Head of Product
Katherine Chavarría
Agency Project Manager
Carlos Campos
Outbound Sales Representative

Our true colors

Slidebean Culture

We strive to be a place that fosters respect, inclusivity, growth and innovation. Our team works hard in keeping our business competitive, all in a playful, dynamic and stimulating environment. We like to be transparent in our company goals, challenges, and accomplishments, and we love seeing employees grow with us.

The Core Values of Slidebean


We believe that this is essential to respect and encourage free expressions for all, to embrace our differences, opinions and diverse backgrounds, while also providing a warm environment that nurtures and supports us all.


We trust that having open and accessible information is one of the best ways to help others, and ourselves. That is why we have a transparency policy towards our customers and within our team.


We love what we do, and we work hard to ship things fast, but we also don’t take ourselves too seriously! Having a relaxed and friendly environment is key to brining better results across our teams, and to our customers.

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