We Help Founders Understand Financials

Understand your financials and create a model to present to investors when you raise funds.
Roy Bailey, Usports
“I had to understand the analytics, such as growth rate, the time spent on the app, your CPM, churn, ad, and subscription revenue. The fact that Slidebean could help me understand these terms, and walk me through them, was the difference between me getting possibly funded or not.”
Roy Bailey

Financial model, what is it good for?

Working on a spreadsheet can be intimidating. We’re here to make the process easier! Unlock massive value by better understanding your financial data. Here are some of the things you can do with your financial model:

Track business metrics

Track startup KPIs such as churn, LTV, CAC, CAC to LTV, and SaaS Quick Ratio.

Budget company expenses

Have better knowledge of your expense distribution and how money can be reinvested in business expansion.

Estimate fundraising needs

Understand your fundraising requirements based on your own financials rather than guesstimating.

Project growth

Estimate growth based on the cost of acquisition, subscriptions, MRR, and churn/retention.

Simulate exit scenarios

Investors often like to know you’ve run exit scenarios, and a financial model is an excellent tool to do it.

Forecast revenue & runway

Predict your runway by creating educated projections based on historical data. Do it like the pros!

Choose your consulting plan

These are the ways we can work with you

Financial Model Workshop

A 1-on-1 program that helps founders understand the logic behind driver-based financial modeling.
Financial Model Spreadsheet Example

Financial Model Sprint

Our financial modeling sprints are designed as a 2-week exercise where you will have a complete financial model built specifically for your business. We craft a visual representation of how your business works and what drives your revenue and then translate it into an actual spreadsheet to run financial projections for your business.

Financial Model Workshop

After working on thousands of startup pitch decks and hundreds of startup financial models, we've learned the pain points of understanding and running your startup's financials. We've developed a program that teaches founders the logic behind driver-based financial modeling, while our team helps them build the spreadsheet they'll need to run their business.
Financial Model Spreadsheet Example

Client stories

Quotes from non-startups, and startups
“We needed to have a financial forecast to raise capital. There were errors within the formula, which led to wrong results, but solving them took too much time. Slidebean guided us and told us what made sense and what didn't"
Irene Rosich, Harvie
Irene Rosich
“For a startup, it's great to have access to these types of tools because it's like getting a fractional accountant to work on a business model for you."
Jeremy Hill, Co-Founder of Cloaked
Jeremy Hill
Cloaked Wireless
“Being able to work with Caya and Sandra was exciting. It’s the kind of mentorship that has a commitment to doing it the right way, that will also work in the long term. They help you understand the financial model, but also help you quit early.”
Roy Bailey - Usports
Roy Bailey
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What is the final deliverable?

For any of our services, we work on fully-editable spreadsheets, available in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel format. Our intuitive output dashboards are built according to your business model and revenue streams. We include color-coded sheets that cover expense and revenue tracking, financial statement sheets, cash flow and balance sheets, among many other functionalities. We work with our clients in understanding the logic behind these documents, enabling them to use them completely on their own moving forward.
Financial Model Spreadsheet ExampleFinancial Model Spreadsheet ExampleFinancial Model Spreadsheet Example

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