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How much equity should I give investors?
What's my TAM (Total Addressable Market)?
What's my runway?
What's my go-to-market strategy?
How much equity should I give investors?

Weekly mastermind sessions for founders

Every 45-minute session brings up to ten founders together to discuss one key question about their startups. From creating a financial model to figuring out their growth strategies, we format sessions as interactive workshops, with enough time to roll up our sleeves.
Caya, our CEO, hosts our Youtube channel and directly oversees the sessions in Slidebean Accelerate
Financial Modeling
 Hosted by Sandra Neda

Every week we go over financial modeling tactics, and review assumptions and projections.

Fundraising Plans
 Hosted by Caya

Discussing the startup fundraising landscape, and strategies to find and pitch investors.

Go-to-Market Strategy
 Hosted by Caya

In this session, we work on exploring your growth channels, or optimizing your campaigns.

Pitch Deck Reviews
Hosted by Sebastian Beeche

Our business analysts provide live feedback on your existing pitch deck content, and design.

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Session: Financial Modeling
Session: Fundraising Plans
Session: Go-to-Market Strategy
Session: Pitch Deck Reviews

Client stories

“We needed to have a financial forecast to raise capital. There were errors within the formula, which led to wrong results, but solving them took too much time. Slidebean guided us and told us what made sense and what didn't"
Irene Rosich, Harvie
Irene Rosich
“For a startup, it's great to have access to these types of tools because it's like getting a fractional accountant to work on a business model for you."
Jeremy Hill, Co-Founder of Cloaked
Jeremy Hill
Cloaked Wireless
“Being able to work with Caya and Sandra was exciting. It’s the kind of mentorship that has a commitment to doing it the right way, that will also work in the long term. They help you understand the financial model, but also help you quit early.”
Roy Bailey - Usports
Roy Bailey
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