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  • Create unlimited presentations

  • Basic content templates

    Use one of our peer-validated content templates anytime you need, to get your presentation started at lightspeed!
  • Collaborate

    Increase your team productivity, save more time and achieve your goals together.
  • Share

    Share presentations with your contacts with view-only access.
  • Control privacy settings

  • Present online

    Present anywhere, anytime. Sync your slides to all your visitors, wherever they are.
  • Access to all our media galleries

    Exclusive access to photos, icons and gifs via integrations with Unsplash, Noun Project, Giphy, and more...
  • Export to PDF & HTML

    Download static versions of your presentations in PDF format or preserve all features and animations with HTML exports.

All in Starter, plus:

  • Analytics

    Keep track of your presentations views and analyze your visitors' behavior.
  • Premium content templates

    Get your presentation started with unlimited access to all of our premium content templates.
  • Apply your brand kit

    Upload your branding assets to create a unique brand theme and apply it as a template to any presentation.
  • Remove Slidebean brand

  • Save personalized themes

    Create your own mixes of design to achieve specific styles.
  • Generate custom color palettes

  • Upload external fonts

  • Enjoy priority support

Academic pricing available for verified .edu accounts


Makes it easy to make beautiful presentations in just a few minutes

Rachel Fuller, CEO Feather

It's easy, intuituve & fun to work with

Yash Pater, CEO Pay'n'park

Easy to use, looks great, good support & reasonable price

Bob Longo, CEO Knowmatters

Premium features and services


Content templates

Our professionally curated templates are the fastest and most stunning way to present your ideas: deliver powerful messages that stand out.


Track insights

With presentation insights, you can track all activity on your presentations, from the number of times it was viewed, to the location and time spent by each viewer.


Priority support

Our Customer Success team is available to help you at all times, so you don’t miss any of the things you can achieve using Slidebean


Live collaboration

Our online collaboration function allows multiple team members to simultaneously edit the slides in a presentation, while the final content is kept in sync across all computers and devices.


Custom branding

Slidebean gives you the ability to create a custom branded theme with your own color palette, fonts and logos to use it anytime you need.


Team permissions

Your team’s information is critical, keep it safe by having total control over who can access, view and edit each of your presentations, and change it whenever you need to.



Can I use Slidebean for free?

Yes, you can create as many presentations as you need for free, once you're ready to share, present or use our paid features you can upgrade to the plan that best fits your needs.

Who can see my private presentations?

NOBODY. Not even our team. Private presentations are stored on a secure server and cannot be accessed by anyone unless you provide them with permission. We use the most advanced encryption algorithms to ensure your data is safe. You can check our full Privacy Policy here.


Can I cancel my yearly subscription?

You may cancel your subscription recurring payments at all times, it will remain active until its next renewal date. Payments for subscriptions are non-refundable, check our full Cancellations and refunds policy here.

What happens to my presentations if I cancel my subscription?

You will still have access to your account and presentations, but you won't be able to use any of the paid features such as sharing and presenting. Your shared links or embeds will be turned private, so no one will have access to view them.

Do you offer academic plans?

We do, as a matter of fact. Check out this page on how to activate them.


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