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A one-stop-shop for startup founders

From pitch deck to investor meetings

For first-time entrepreneurs, the process of starting a company and approaching investors for the first time can be truly overwhelming.
We've created Founder's Edition to accompany founders in this journey, from getting their ideas on paper to approaching potential investors.

Ongoing consulting

Our team a phone call away

Pitch decks are our bread and butter. We not only have experience raising capital for our own company, but thousands of companies have used Slidebean to build their decks.

Our experts are available to guide you in getting your slides up to the standards investors expect: from the number of slides, to the outline and the structure of the deck, to the presentation design.

Founder's Edition customers get priority access to our team, as well as a monthly proofreading and design tune-up for any of the decks in your Slidebean account.

Everything in Slidebean AI

A full-feature plan

A Financial Model is a summary of a company's revenue and expenses. Using historical data, a Model allows the business to track KPIs such as gross and net margin, as well as forecasting future performance, based on critical metrics such as customer cost of acquisition.

For startup founders and small business owners, the Financial Model is a fundamental tool for managing the business and making educated business decisions about the company's future.

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Investor Matches

A bi-weekly list of investors
delivered to your email

We've crawled the contacts and investments of 25,000+ investors, and we'll automatically email you five investor matches every two weeks. Investors are automatically matched based on industry, location, and company.

We'll also prioritize investors who are connected to you via LinkedIn (coming soon).

Exclusive Startup Deals

$10,000+ in startup credits

We've sourced the web for the most relevant startup products in the market to offer you access to startup discounts that are normally only available on select accelerator programs.

Many of the products we offer also carry the 'Used by the Slidebean Team' tag, which guarantees the platform we are recommending is actually used by our team.

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A one-stop-shop for startup founders

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