Slidebean pitch deck builder with AI design

15 Best Investor Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

Slidebean pitch deck builder with AI design
April 4, 2019

Slidebean, the leading online slide presentation software, has launched the world’s first AI slide presentation builder. Slidebean’s fully automated AI software can create stunning slide presentations in seconds, saving users time and delivering a beautifully designed slide presentation.

Since 2014, Slidebean has helped over half a million users create over 8 million slides.

During the last five years Slidebean has received an enormous amount of feedback on how to make the product and the presentation design process better. The one piece of feedback that Slidebean has always wanted to address, but couldn’t, was how to keep the software simple, yet powerful without sacrificing the final presentation.

Slidebean realized that they had an opportunity to completely rethink how presentations are built to address the issue of complexity, thus Slidebean AI was born. Slidebean AI allows users to create beautifully designed presentations in seconds, not hours.

“There’s a delicate balance between automation, ease of use, and the flexibility that users expect on a presentation product; this balance is our secret sauce, and the reason why our users feel they really save time with Slidebean” said Jose ‘Caya’ Cayasso, CEO & Cofounder of Slidebean.  

“The presentation software segment has not really evolved in the last 25+ years. The vast majority of the presentations today are being made using a similar process and method as it was first suggested by PowerPoint back in the 90s. The segment is ripe for a relevant disruption and we have seen in Slidebean the fundamentals a company needs to lead this disruption. The AI feature, as impressive as it is, is just a taste of the overall vision and what the company has in the making. We expect great things from this group” said Allan Boruchowicz, Founding Partner at Carao Ventures.

User can try Slidebean’s AI slide presentations for themselves by going to  

About Slidebean

Slidebean is a New York startup founded by Jose Cayasso, Vinicio Chanto and Jose Enrique Bolaños. The team was part of 500 Startups and has raised over $800K in seed funding. The company is now a team of 25 people based in New York and San Jose, Costa Rica.

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Slidebean pitch deck builder with AI design
CEO at Slidebean/FounderHub. TEDx Speaker. 500 Startups Alum. 40-under-40.
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