Slidebean Presentation Software Pros and Cons

15 Best Investor Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

Slidebean Presentation Software Pros and Cons
March 18, 2020

These times demand a more conscious approach in terms of our startup’s investments and expenses. In case you’ve been exploring the possibility of signing up to one of our plans, we know you are wondering what the Slidebean pros and cons are. 

So we weighed our features and took user reviews into account to produce a full article that we now present to you on Slidebean’s advantages and disadvantages. 

Slidebean pros

Let’s get to our pros list first. 


Our presentation software is, simply put, very easy to use. As a superb advantage, We removed the hassle out of building a presentation as much as possible. You can thus forget about the steep learning curves to begin using it successfully. 

Changing colors and fonts is as easy as a click, for example. The buttons around the tool are as self-explanatory as possible. And the platform’s easy to navigate and its features are easy to understand. The instrument thus becomes very easy for a new user to dominate. 

The user-friendliness of Slidebean’s presentation platform has been one of the tool’s main advantages. 

Ease of access to resources

Slidebean’s design also happened in a way that any resources you may need to create a presentation are at simple reach. If you want to insert an image or an icon, the software makes those options quickly available.  

Forget about running around looking for images on other websites or in distant locations. There’s no need for this hunting at all!

Image contains a startup pitch deck template by slidebean

Making the best of AI

If the ease we describe above weren’t enough, Slidebean also integrated artificial intelligence that leaves all the thinking in terms of format and design to the presentation tool. 

If figuring out how to sort text size and font choice is not your ideal, our AI feature can produce tons of diverse options as to how to arrange your slides. 

As it stands, you can stick to picking out your favorite result from our AI tool. It can’t get better than that!

Design quality

Please take a look at our graphs and design to see its high-performing quality. Users rated animations and graphics as ones with great taste. And you can check for yourself how these look. Our graphs’ quality quickly enhances any presentation. 

Separated design from content

Slidebean also provides users the ability to separate content work from a focus on design. This fact is profitable as it lets people concentrate on different aspects of a presentation at a time. 

Control your sharing

Not only does Slidebean facilitate how presentations are shared, but it also gives users different options as to how to do so. You’re able to share your deck with the public for ease of view throughout the web. 

Yet, you can also add an extra layer of privacy to your link by only letting people with your given URL have access to it. And if more care is needed, you can also lock your presentation share with a password. 

For an ultimate level of control, you can furthermore force users to enter an email address as they access your shared link, thus compiling views much more informedly. 

Track shared views

Tied to above, not only can you see who has viewed your pitch deck, but which slides they looked at over others. The platform will even give you a metrics section with your presentation stats in terms of viewed items and the number of people who opened it. This section includes an average completion rate, which signals to how many people went over the presentation in full. 

Great templates at your disposal

With a large team of designers in our offices, it’s just natural that we provide highly rated templates, as well. And people are commonly impressed with the slick design that comes with our pre-filled templates!

Our platform enhances how presentations look so well that we tend to revamp any successful templates from famous startups. We improved Airbnb’s pitch deck, even, along with the one that helped Facebook become the giant it is now. We also worked on Uber’s pitch, and the presentation slides to many other companies. This ability is just part of our design team’s magic - and proven skills! 

The templates are also very straightforward. And we don’t just offer any great-looking pitch deck template, but very professional quality ones for a varied range of scenarios. You can use these to inspire the design and structure of your slides or to speed up your process. Either way, look like the pro you are by relying on a template. That’s what we call smart! 

Image contains presentations by slidebean

Sparing on time

All the advantages we mention up to now in regards to Slidebean give the ultimate result of people being able to create and move through presentations much faster. 

These savings in time are quite a considerable advantage of our product. Especially with the demands of the business world, Slidebean makes it more efficient for entrepreneurs to get much needed engaging presentations out of their workday. 

Ready for customer service?

At Slidebean, you can rest assured that we will listen to your needs. We have a devoted customer service team ready to assist you. You can chat with our fantastic customer service team straight from within our software platform. Or you can also send an email our way for assistance.

Image contains a pitch deck service by slidebean

Slidebean’s cons

Okay, so now we move over to our cons aspect of the Slidebean pros and cons list. 

More templates, please!

We hear our template offer can expand even further. Though we compiled the 35 best pitch deck template examples for startups in the blink of an eye from so many templates we’ve put together over the years, our users keep wanting more. 

Though we go from master’s defense to sales pitches to a different range of templates, the truth is we know our users would like to have more of these resources available. 

Startup bugs

We can’t justify bugs as a part of an industry’s norm, but the tool can face challenges if our users’ or our servers’ internet connections fail. 

Financial commitment

For those who have fallen in love with our broad pro list, our annual membership fee is worth the ease. However, our business offer can come across as a bit pricey for the more common user who doesn’t rely on presentations often. 

It all depends on your usual workday and business needs, yet non-frequent users typically see the challenge in committing long-term to our business platform. 

Nothing to report

In researching items for this article, we were delighted to note how many users give us 5-star ratings with the added comment that there’s nothing to say about Slidebean’s cons. Most people say they have no complaints or other needs, yet pitch in with suggestions in case they were forced to look for recommendations. 

We share that now because it makes us proud, but also because it’s worth making this broad range of opinions known and visible to you in our Slidebean pros and cons list. 

Overall value

All in all, as a result of our Slidebean pros and cons assessment, we must say Slidebean is a platform that provides excellent value. As it cuts down on significant time requirements, the presentation platform’s easy to use. It offers professional-looking products for its users, and it also lets updates to be done quickly to existing material for new conversations. 

In summary, between time spared and the quality of finished presentations, Slidebean offers excellent value as business presentation software. And, as some of our users have put it if a business lacks a full-time design team who can craft consistently-needed pitch decks, Slidebean’s the best tool available.

Slidebean Presentation Software Pros and Cons
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