Pitch Deck Design Service

Terms of service

Last Updated: October 2018

The following document establishes the basis of our Pitch Deck Design Service. It provides thorough information on the dynamic of work between us (Slidebean Team) and you. Please read carefully so you have an understanding of the terms by which your project will be handled.

1. About the presentation provided by the client

Our team works with a finished, editable presentation provided by the client on either PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides or Slidebean formats. Other formats are not supported.

2. About the presentation content and treatment

2.1 Document language. Our team works with English documents only.

2.2 Videos, infographics, custom images and branding assets. Our service does not include the production of videos or the design of infographics or custom images. We also work with existing branding assets, and the creation of logos or any other corporate identity material is not included in our Pitch Deck Design Service. Our services do not include the production or purchase of photographic assets (stock photos or any other photos for specific industries), we work with open image libraries, and use them to provide imagery that represents the look and feel designed for each one of the slides, these photos are for illustrative purposes only. The client can keep our suggested images or update them later to include their own photos. Alternatively the client can share their photos with our team alongside the rest of the assets for the project, before the delivery of the first draft, and our team will use them for the design process. Requests for specific photos are not part of our services.

2.3 The design service does not include the modification, abbreviation, edition or proof reading of the content, the information on each slide will remain the same on the re-designed version.

3. Service purchase

The client can purchase the number of slides they want redesigned within the available ranges and price points. Our team will only work on the amount of slides stated upon purchase. If more slides are uploaded the team will ignore the slides tho go pass the purchased number. If you wish to have more slides redesigned after the purchase has been made, you can contact our Customer Support team and they will instruct you on how to purchase additional credit.

4. Revisions and Deliverables

4.1 Revision delivery time. The client is allowed 1 revision after the redesigned version is sent. Each revision has a delivery time that corresponds to each service. It goes as follows:

● Presentation Redesign - Standard 3 business days delivery for the first draft. 1 revision with up to 2 days delivery*. Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
● Presentation Redesign - Expedited 2 business days delivery for the first draft. 1 revision with up to 1 day delivery*. Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

*Revision time delivery begins after the client shares the complete feedback with our team. The complexity and extent of the requested changes could affect the delivery time of the revisions, our team will inform the client if that is the case.

4.2 Revision conditions. The presentation needs are defined by the details filled in the upload form after purchase. Once you receive the first version we can work on visual changes, layout adjustments, image selection and other related tweaks. Revisions do not include the incorporation of any new ideas or graphics.

4.3 Revision availability. After the first redesigned version is sent the client will have up to 2 weeks to respond with feedback, once that time has passed the project will be placed on hold and will no longer be available for any future revisions. After 3 weeks the files will be permanently and irreversibly deleted from our database.

4.4 Deliverables. As part of the Design Services, the team will generate deliverable presentation files for the client. Such as the final draft of the presentation, which represents the culmination of any and all revisions performed as part of the Design Services, once the final draft is delivered the project is labeled as completed and no new edits are available under that request.

4.5 Final formats. The final deliverable file formats will vary depending on the service acquired upon checkout. PowerPoint and Keynote purchases will only be delivered on PowerPoint or Keynote formats accordingly. Slidebean purchases will only be delivered on a valid Slidebean account as Slidebean Presentations and Google Slides purchases will only be delivered as Google Slides presentations to a Google account given by the client.

During the checkout process the client will choose the desired deadlines depending on the available services. The team shall identify said deadlines and work to ensure that the Deliverables are submitted on time. Any failure by the client to provide all the necessary assets for the project will affect the date by which any potential files will be delivered.

5. Design Team schedule

5.1 Working hours. Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

5.2 Delivery time frame. The delivery time for the first draft starts running after you receive the upload confirmation of your files with the specifics of your project, if the purchase is made outside of our office hours the time starts running the next business day at 9:00am Eastern Time. However, our Design Team needs to have all the presentation assets in order to begin, if after filling the upload form you still need to share extra files with us the delivery time will start once our designers receive said files. This delivery time is for the first draft of the redesign, not for the final version.

5.3 Team contact. The service includes email communications only, no design calls are scheduled as part of the service.
If at a later point any other means of communication are deemed necessary by our team, booking them will depend on the team’s availability and will be scheduled on a case by case basis.

6. Non disclosure of information

Our design team works under a non-disclosure agreement, and from secure servers and encrypted protocols, to ensure that your content is kept confidential at all times. Once the project is completed and delivered, our team will no longer have access to your slides, and all information from the client is permanently and irreversibly deleted from our database.

7. Service cancellation and issuing of refunds

7.1 Cancellation of Service. The service can be cancelled at any time prior to the moment our team starts working on your slides. That means the client can request the cancellation of the service after first receiving the purchase confirmation via email. If the cancellation of service happens at this moment, we can issue a partial refund of your purchase. If the cancellation of the service happens anytime after this moment and the design work has started, no refunds are issued for the client.