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Prepárate para presentar tu idea de evento y brilla con la plantilla de propuesta de evento. Esta presentación útil y sencilla proporciona todas las herramientas que necesitas para establecer los objetivos principales de ese increíble evento que has estado preparando y todos los pasos para desarrollarlo.
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If you have a product that you want to promote widely, you need branding. Branding is the process by which your product is given a direction, an identity, and a uniqueness which sets it apart from others. With a brand, your product is something special and inimitable, something which is attractive, relatable and personal – and something which is ultimately purchasable.

Most importantly, branding gives your product an associated emotion. When people see your brand, they will feel a particular way, and it is this feeling that they are buying into. For instance, when people see the logo of a popular hamburger company they may think about succulent, thick beef burgers which are satisfying and filling. When people look at the logo for a computer firm, they may think about digital technology that is fast, attractive and exciting. When people look at the logo for their favorite online shopping experience, they may think about possibilities, experiences, and enjoyment. All these involve emotions that are associated with products or services which the branding invokes. So clearly, if you want a successful product, you need to have a successful brand.

What is a branding template?

A branding template is a presentation through which your brand can be pitched or revealed to colleagues. The branding template will show others exactly what the idea behind your brand is – what it looks like, how it will inspire others, its visual identity, how it will be conveyed and through what channels.

Why do you need a branding template?

The branding template does not only show others what your brand is; it can help you to create one. If you have an unformed idea of what your brand could be, or if you have some idea of what you want your brand to look like, the template will help you hone and fashion your ideas.

When people buy something, they often do so not only because of the feeling they associate with that product, but because they relate to what the product represents. The most successful purchases come not because the customer needs the product, but because they want it. This is what makes any product exciting. Sports cars, luxury perfumes, trainers, soft drinks and cookies are not necessary products, but they are exciting products that have well-known brands behind them. In fact, we’re pretty sure you can associate at least one well-known company with each of the things we’ve just listed. That’s successful branding for you – when an object makes you think of a company.

Want to have a successful brand? You’re one step closer to it – and our template will show you how to get there.

The slides

Cover page
This is where you can introduce your brand and your product: what your product is called and most importantly, what your brand will look like including the main font, the colors, and any related image. This page should be simple, striking and memorable.

Brand concept
This deals with what the belief behind the brand is, its raison d’etre. As Simon Sinek says, “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” What does your brand represent, what is its ethos? Here you can quickly get to the core of what makes your brand and your product unique. There is a slide for a brand pitch where you can sketch out your main tenets, core values, and your central tagline or slogan. The best slogans are catchy, simple and instantly evocative.

Corporate identity
This is the part of the template which deals with how your branding will look: the visual identity of your product, the system by which people will visually recall what you’re selling. Specifically, this section focuses on your logo – what it looks like as well as the different fonts, colors and special effects to use and to avoid.

Photography and typography
What images are you going to use to represent your brand? What kind of items and people do you want to associate with it? Think of your visual style – will it be colorful, dark, light, artistic, modern, antiquated, trendy, functional, industrial, sensual? What do you want people to feel and how will you convey this through images and fonts? These are all things to consider and to cover in this section.

This important section addresses how you will market your brand and through which channels. Using our logos, fonts, colors and images, you can show people how your business cards can look, how your email signatures will appear, how your Facebook posts will read, as well as other important things like computer wallpapers, adverts and letterheads. Absolutely any way that you can transmit your brand – physical or virtual – will be covered in this section via the consistency of your branding. This is a very useful section whereby you can show that though your brand is simple, it is also versatile.

Now that you have seen our template, it should have given you some ideas on how to go about starting to establish your brand. If you’re already got a branding in mind, our template will take things to the next level, giving you a great presentation to make your product appealing, popular and stimulating.

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