Consulting Proposal Template (Free PDF & PPT Download)

Consulting Proposal Template


A consulting proposal template is an incredibly useful tool for any business that does client-facing work that needs interesting, innovative and exciting business proposals. These templates take a lot of the guesswork out of what needs to be in a business proposal presentation and are designed to appeal to the clients with a professional, yet engaging presentation.

The slideshow will be based on a much larger and more comprehensive business proposal, and the template is designed to focus on the core elements of the proposal in a way that will be engaging and interesting to the client. The business presentation should usually not exceed 20 slides as that is when most clients start losing interest. The purpose of the presentation is to generate interest in the proposal by presenting the problem statement and our proposed solution as well as a breakdown of how the solution will be implemented. Once the clients are engaged, it's possible to further flesh out the presentation with information from the formal proposal document.

Consulting proposal template overview


The slide pack starts off with a general overview, which provides background and information about the problem and the proposed solution. This first slide should provide any background that leads to the challenge that the client is facing, as well as showing how many similar businesses experience this problem. This leads smoothly to the problem statement, which should conclude the first slide.


Understanding the problem

This slide should build upon the problem statement from the first slide. Break the problem down into its component parts and suggest potential solutions to these parts. Feel free to use any icons that you feel would be suitable for the problem breakdown. This slide should show understanding of the entire problem, as well as awareness of component challenges.


Project objective

The project objective is our proposed solution to the problem the client is facing. This should be clearly stated and concise and should make a bold impact on the slide. It may be necessary to define the criteria for successful completion of the project objectives may be to ensure that all parties have a mutual understanding of the project objectives.


Understanding the market

To provide further background, we need to show potential clients that we understand the current market conditions, both from their point of view and ours. This slide gives a brief description of the current market as it relates to the business proposal.


Target audience

This refers to our clients. Use this space to detail what the needs and wants of our target audience are, and personalize this to the client you will be pitching to.


The competition

To succeed, we have to be able to understand our competitors and the challenges they present. Use this slide to discuss our competitors' offerings and show how we can exceed them. Use examples of previous successful projects where we were better than our competition.


Market trends

The next section of the slideshow covers market trends. The first slide should provide a short summary of the current market trends impacting our clients. Use the subsequent slides to give a more in-depth overview of the trends, paying special attention to the implications these trends have for our client.


Trend analysis and findings

This section is used to analyze further and summarize the previous section. Use the 'Findings' slide to provide an overview of the findings of the trend analysis and subsequent slides to provide hard data to support that analysis. While it's important to substantiate the claims that are being made be sure not to overwhelm the client with too many graphs and statistics and break these up with explanatory text and dialogue.


Client implications

This slide is used to reinforce what has been said before about market trends and the implications they have for clients. This slide is used to highlight how these trends affect client outcomes and how the project can have a positive impact on these outcomes.


Proposed deliverables and summary

The proposed deliverables are where we bring the market trends and project objectives together and some time should be spent on discussing the deliverables for the project. Make it clear that the deadlines are negotiable based on further client discussions. The summary should then provide detail on how these deliverables will affect client outcomes as they are achieved.



Finally, the timeline details provide a longer-looking view as to how this project will impact the client's business for years to come.