Best business YouTube channels for entrepreneurs

YouTube’s a perfect platform to get quick and highly useful information. A lot of learning happens on YouTube every day now. From fixing a sink to learning how to play an instrument, YouTube is the perfect hub for how-to videos. And business is no exception to that. That’s why we’ll list the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs, hoping you can add significant value for your business to your subscription list. Let’s get started!

1. To learn about startups: Slidebean 

Our number 1 recommendation is here to ease your world if you want to learn all there is to know about getting a startup off the ground. Under the leadership of our CEO, Caya, we regularly give you everything you need to know to start your own business. Yet, Caya is not the only one taking it upon himself to guide you in succeeding at doing business. 

Always friendlier and more contemporary than a textbook, we cover all there is to know about startups in quick 5 to 20-minute videos, as well. To learn how to raise venture capital or how to do financial modeling, we suggest heading on out to our Starting a Business playlist. We give you tips on public speaking as much as convertible notes, equity, and startup funding, for example. 

Our Company Forensics series analyzes why different companies failed or overcame difficult circumstances.

Visit our channel anytime you want to learn about startups, where we cover financial models, pitch deck examples, the basics of startup funding, and even how to overcome the COVID-19 crisis! 

2. To learn about branding: Behind the Brand

Here we highlight the best YouTube channel to learn about branding. What’s great is that you learn about the value of a brand from successful people around the globe. Yet, what you get as a backstage look is how they came about and their honest thoughts. 

Through interviews, you get an education on how to be the best in your industry, and you learn it first-hand from the people behind the biggest of brands. If learning by example and inspiration come naturally to you, it might make sense to binge on innovators and entrepreneurs you admire through Behind the Brand playlists

3. To learn from the top experts: TEDTalks/TEDx

Now that we’re touching upon how we’re inspired, we can’t leave out the most popular YouTube channel for inspiration in business. We’ve all probably watched that one TEDTalk that brought us close to crying. So many leading entrepreneurs have shared their uniqueness and success stories via TEDTalks and on TEDx! 

It’s worth watching these when challenges get the best of you, especially. Their topics are varied, yet the talks are always updated and educational. Videos such as these to boost your business enthusiasm will also give you insight into different communities around the world. It can be a great insight to expand your horizons.

4. To learn about sales: HubSpot

Hubspot’s YouTube channel comes across a bit disorderly at first hand. And it might undoubtedly be confusing where to find the exact videos you need. However, we couldn’t leave it out of our list of best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs. It’s undeniable how much valuable information they have on business-related information from a wide range of angles. It’s even a great place to learn how to start your own YouTube business channel! 

The HubSpot Academy gives tons of insight on approaches to sales, for example. And playlists here give tons of varied content on digital marketing with an eye out for customer care.

5. To learn about SEO: Ahrefs

If you’re wondering how to improve your SEO, look no further. Ahrefs’ YouTube channel is an encyclopedia of highly valuable SEO material. Their tutorial series has topics such as keyword research, backlink building, WordPress SEO, and much more. If you’re struggling in defining how to grow organic traffic, for example, they give you a detailed video checklist. From beginners to advanced, they have all sorts of material to help entrepreneurs enhance their marketing strategies, including how to rank #1 on Google. 

6. To learn about social media: Sunny Lenarduzzi

Here’s the best YouTube channel on social media marketing and how to grow your audience. Lenarduzzi is just a star when it comes to creating online and marketing content. She’s also very natural and likable on camera. Through her videos, she gives step-to-step tutorials on anything you need to know regarding social media. And it’s all done in truly accessible language and manner. 

Especially if you’re looking to improve your image or become your own boss, Lenarduzzi’s tutorials are worth the scout. And if vlogging or boosting your Instagram are areas of concern, this is definitely a place to start. Learn from Lenarduzzi, especially in how she captivates her target audience. Engagement comes naturally to her, and there are tons to learn in her organic approach to the same kind of traffic. 

7. To learn how to be more creative: Roberto Blake

The best YouTube channel for creative advice is in Roberto Blake’s hands. As a creative entrepreneur, Blake’s channel is the perfect place for anything from graphic design and photography to social media, vlogs, and more. Under the motto of “Always be creating,” he manages to put out daily videos, which gives you a constant stream of content creation instructions. 

He also has a full stream of inspirational accounts on how to think about money differently. Yet, he also hosts tutorials on how to edit videos and how to grow your audience. That list includes tips on how to monetize videos on YouTube, fix thumbnails, work on Adobe, be more comfortable on camera, and more.

8.  To learn about affiliate marketing: Pat Flynn

Our last choice on YouTube channels has to do with videos on affiliate marketing. Pat’s affiliate marketing 101 playlist is an excellent start on making passive income. From affiliate marketing for beginners and choosing affiliate products to promote and how to sell them, Pat’s got a handful of resources you might find beneficial in your affiliate quest. 

He also has a series on podcasts, mental health, tons of advice on facing this pandemic, others on blogging, and so many other topics that merit a look at his channel. 

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Best YouTube channel sample for entrepreneurs

And there you have it! We hope you can profit from our broad sample of the best YouTube channels for entrepreneurs. We certainly wish you also enjoy binging on useful material to help you grow your business. 

If you ever need a hand with any business presentation material, know we’ll be more than happy to help through our consulting and design services

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