Slidebean Spotlight - LangO



LangO has one simple aim: to help you to reach your desired level of fluency in the English language. The online platform is the product of masterminds Katie Hughes and Nils Helset, self-proclaimed foodies and techies, who created LangO under the premise learning should be fun and exciting. 


How did LangO started?

Katie started LangO in 2012 when she moved to Oslo, Norway from working and living in London under Merrill Lynch Investment Bank. Katie had a hard time getting a corporate job in Oslo as she didn't speak the language, Norwegian. After some time, Katie started doing odd jobs like waitressing, working and cleaning yoga studios, working in kindergartens. One day she started posting some ads on bulletin and forums online and in malls offering private English lessons. This is how LangO started, so Katie ran this offline service and offered it to corporates like Cartus, IKEA, Statoil etc. I, Nils, joined full-time 2013 and together decided to migrate all the offline services online, which is what LangO does now: teach English online, to both B2B and B2C.

Biggest challenge for 2017?

Grow! We have finally launched! We did a couple of private betas in October/November and then now in January we're running 2 pilot programs with corporate clients and what we need to do this year is to grow and build awareness around our brand and what we do, as we want to make learning English online fun and engaging!

How do you drink your coffee?

Katie never drank coffee until 2017! Now she will have her occasional double espresso to keep her alert through the workday. As for me I will have an Americano with a shot of hot full fat milk on side, although almost all Norwegians will have their coffee just black without milk and sugar!

What’s next for LangO?

Katie and I have bootstrapped LangO from the beginning without external funding/investors, and now we really want to bring students on-board and build our business organically. We have a super strong passion for what we do and we really just want to help people improving their levels of English and hence improving their communication skills which opens up a lot of doors (career wise) for individuals who's native language is not English.

How did you find out about Slidebean?

Good question! It's so long ago now but it might have been on Product Hunt or Google. If not, perhaps through Jason's TWIST podcast as I listen to a lot of those.