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The Workshop
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Join our workshop
2x dedicated hours from a Senior Analyst
4x dedicated hours from the Spreadsheets Team
Get a functional Financial Model from day 1
Use our team's hours as you need: from 1-on-1 training to us building functionality for you
Learn to think about the structure of your financials, while our team does the work of building formulas
Most companies stay for 3-4 months
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Month 1
Prep and Leveling
Get a starter financial model on day 1. We'll jump on a call learn about your business and set the first goals and priorities.
What we'll do
We'll begin designing the driver-based workflow of the model, and building your revenue lines.
What you'll do
By the end of Month 1 you should master the expenses part of the model, and use it comfortably to run budget estimations.

Month 2
Revenue Projections
We'll deliver the first revenue line implemented into the model, and teach how to run your projections.
What we'll do
Deliver the first revenue line and teach you how to use it.
What you'll do
Run your first financial projections based on your existing business model and your core assumptions.

Month 3
[Optional] Advanced Projections & KPIs
If additional revenue lines are needed, we'll get them added. Otherwise, we'll work on a dashboard for your KPIs.
What we'll do
Help you build custom dashboards according to your company stage and business needs.
What you'll do
Master financial modeling with real-world analytics. Combine revenue with expense projections.

Month 4 →
[Optional] Historical KPI Tracking
Including functionality to pull historical, and performance data into the sheet automatically.
What we'll do
Build advanced functionality to track KPIs.
What you'll do
At this point you should be using the financial model to make key budget, strategy and fundraising decisions.


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