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The business report template is perfect when creating any business plan or proposal. Its format is simple to use and provides excellent tools that can help you through your business strategy. This useful presentation will help you tell a much compelling story of what has been your brand´s development.

What is a Business Report Template?

Your team puts an enormous effort on your monthly business planning. You establish goals and objectives and set a plan in motion to achieve them in time. This general awareness is one of the most important factors, but then there is also the need to tell stakeholders about everything that has happened recently.

Regardless of what was your initial business proposal, it´s important to showcase those results accordingly. This report format will provide the sufficient graphics and visual tools to present the results compellingly.

What does the Business Report Template include?

It is said that business plans and goals should be S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely). This is why when you are creating a business report; it´s essential to include a retrospective of the past days, weeks or months.

Understanding and displaying the numbers and graphics can be an essential part of having successful meetings. As well, getting to clear perceptions with your stakeholders or boards can take you a long way with your product or brand.

The business report template includes not only all the elements of the past in your company but also timelines and projections.

What information should you add in the Business Report Template?

Start your presentation with an overview of the last period. Make sure you include all the data you might think is necessary, add numbers and figures. Make sure you include all relevant highlights and wins.Include all relevant revenue streams, the plans you have for your budget and even financial projections.  Include acquisitions and everything related to your monthly achievements and your next steps.

  • Get in deep with numbers, don´t be afraid to share over graphics
  • Define your goals not only through words but include everything from timelines and icons
  • Pat yourself in the back, make sure you recognize all the wins and achievements for the month.
  • Use time as a tool, think not just monthly but also quarterly or yearly, this will give your audience a broader view of the future.


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