Business Strategy Template (Free PDF & PPT Download)

Business Strategy Template


Creating a business strategy is vitally important for businesses at any stage of the venture. It’s one of the first things you come up with when starting a company. When hiring employees, looking to grow, or attracting investors, it’s good to have a template in order to easily layout what the company is all about. That’s why we created the Business Strategy Template.

What is the Business Strategy Template?

This template lays out the important features of business strategy. In order to complete the template, you’ll need to know the mission statement, market, opportunities for growth, the concept, goals, objectives, and financials. This template is fully customizable and can be used to fit your needs.


The Slides

For the first slide, insert the company name. You may change the background photo to fit your company. Make sure it is a high-quality photo.

Mission Statement
Input the company’s mission statement. We have given some tips on our template to help you come up with a mission statement if you don’t already have one.

On this slide, you have the opportunity to post a logo or another identifying picture of the company and the competition. Under “Them,” add some qualities of the competition that you are looking to match or beat. Under “Us,” add qualities that the company does better than anyone else.

This is your chance to showcase the amazing staff. Make sure to get high quality photos of the team. There is a place for their name, position, and a short “about me.”

Market Summary Cover
This slide is a cover page used to introduce the market. You may again choose a different picture to use.

Our Market
This slide is where you can showcase knowledge of the market. Who are the key players? How is it shifting? Gear the wording to show how this will lead to the company's success.

Opportunities Cover
Here is another cover page. This time about Opportunities. These slides are really useful when giving a live presentation.

Problems vs. Opportunities
This slide is where you can be transparent. Under “Problems,” acknowledge where the market, competition or other roadblock is causing issues for the company. You have space for at least three bullet points. Under “Opportunities,” suggest solutions to the problems you indicated. Again, you have space for at least three bullet points.

Business Concept Cover
This cover slide precedes the business concept, goals, and objectives.

Our Business
As the slide suggests, use the space to talk about the concept. What key points, technology, or strategy would make investors or future employees interested in learning more?

Goals and Objectives
Add at least three goals and three objectives of the company to this slide.

Financial Plan Cover
This slide is a cover for the financials section.

Financial Plan
Write a high-level overview of the financial plan. In the next slides, you’ll talk about how you are currently doing this year, run through highlights, and make known your needs.

Current Year
Indicate the expected sales and expected profits in numbers.

Financial Highlights Graph
Use this graph to show the growth in years. The sample is divided by states, but it can be customized to how you would like to show the numbers. In the bottom left indicate the last time these numbers were updated.

Financial Highlights Pie Chart
Use the pie chart to show financial data that’ll showcase the monetary strengths. Summarize the data in a sentence and add the monthly recurring revenue. Once again put the “last updated” date in the bottom left corner.

Financing Needed
If you are raising money, this is the place to do it. Indicate the full number and then describe how the money will be used.

Resource Requirements
In the final section of the presentation, this cover slide precedes data about resources.

Indicate personnel, technology, and financial needs in neat bullet points. For the financial section, it should reflect the slides before it. The slide shows room for three bullet points, but you can add more.

Finally, use these bullet points to talk about distribution needs, promotional needs, product needs, and service needs.