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The right elevator pitch deck lets businesses know about your idea or product in a short amount of time — or the time it takes to ride an elevator. Use one of these documents to outline your project, identify pain points, solve business-related problems, and detail your budget.

Our elevator pitch deck template lets you explain your business concept to prospective clients and investors in a simple way. It could help you secure investment or new business opportunities.

What is an elevator pitch deck template?

Creating an elevator pitch deck is difficult. You need to summarize information about your company in a short amount of time to convince prospective clients to invest in your business. Using an elevator pitch deck template will let you showcase your business project quickly without compromising any important information.

Here at Slidebean, our elevator pitch deck template features several high-quality slides with eye-catching graphics that will grab the attention of clients and investors. It can serve as the perfect introduction to your business brand — an innovative way to describe the specific project you are working on. As a result, you can convey valuable data and showcase your services.

You can embed this pitch deck into your website with a single line of code. It's that simple. This way, prospective clients and investors can view your elevator pitch deck when they check out your company online.

Use our pitch deck template as a standalone presentation or bundle it with a company profile template and bid proposal template to really impress your contacts.

The slides

Here are some of the slides in our elevator pitch deck template:

The opening slide
Introduce your clients and investors to your business brand with this opening slide. Include the name of your company, the name of your project, and a contact email address.

The problem
Identify your pain point in this slide. This way, your audience will know about the problem you are trying to solve.

The solution
Next, outline the solution to your problem. This will help your audience understand your project better.

Market size
You can add some context to your pain point by including information about your specific industry in this slide. Incorporate a graph to illustrate the current size of your market.

Business model
Tell your audience more about your business model in this slide. You don't have to go into detail, but including information about how you plan to finance your project will help your audience better understand your goals.

Proprietary technology/expertise
Here, detail the technology you plan to use to achieve your business goals, as well as your business expertise. Using bullet points to convey this information will make it easier for your audience to understand your objectives.

Investors and clients will want to know more about your industry before they invest in your project. Use this slide to write about your business rivals — the companies in your niche you plan to compete with.

Why is ... better?
This slide tells your audience about your project and why you think it's better than other products and services on the market. Identify features and unique selling points that will convince prospective clients to invest in your brand.

Customer acquisition channels
Detail the channels you plan to use to acquire customers.

Founding team
Introduce your audience to the founding members of your team: Your CEO, CTO, head of marketing, etc.

Money, milestones
Now it's time to talk money. Include your most successful financial milestones in this slide — the amount of profit you made in the last financial year, for example — and any financial forecasts.

Elevator pitch template

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