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Linkedin Pitch Deck
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LinkedIn, if you didn't already know, is currently the world's largest professional social network with millions of users that continue to grow rapidly each day. The sites overall mission is to help  world's professionals connect and extend their networking on an online space. The company also helps the user establish a professional profile online where their name can be a top search results on google.

Before they could ever dream of being this big, LinkedIn had to pitch their idea to Greylock. Reid Hoffman has actually released the Series B pitch deck that they used to pitch the idea and also gave advice to entrepreneurs about what each slide should cover.

“Today, I share the Series B deck with you, too. It has many stylistic errors — and a few substantive ones, too — that I would now change having learned more, but I realized that it still provides useful insights for entrepreneurs and startup participants outside of the Greylock network, particularly across three areas of interest:

how entrepreneurs should approach the pitch process
the evolution of LinkedIn as a company
the consumer internet landscape in 2004 vs. today”

— Reid Hoffman

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