Marketing budget plan 

Marketing Budget Plan Template
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Marketing Budget Plan Template
Marketing Budget Plan Template
Marketing Budget Plan Template
Marketing Budget Plan Template
Marketing Budget Plan Template
Marketing Budget Plan Template
Marketing Budget Plan Template
Marketing Budget Plan Template
Marketing Budget Plan Template
Marketing Budget Plan Template
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Marketing is crucial for every company. And, to get it right, a few areas need to be lined up. One of them is a precise marketing budget. Yet, those funds also need to come with a stellar marketing plan that makes the best use of them. That’s why we’ve come up with the best tool to stay on budget and get what you intend out of your marketing efforts. Mastering a marketing budget plan template means considering strategies, tactics, costs, and projected results over a period. And it does so beautifully. To the point that we’ve put together the most professional and stunning slides to now describe how that marketing budget plan template ideally works. 

What’s a marketing budget plan template used for?

Mastering a marketing budget plan template allows you to polish what you want a marketing plan to be. It ensures you’re considering everything that should be coming out of an ideal marketing budget plan. It does so out of a pre-formatted slide content that guarantees you get professional design by the time you’re ready to present. 

Having a marketing plan permits the consciousness of inappropriate budget expenditure in any given area. A marketing budget plan template can also help build the ideal marketing strategy by necessarily calling for consideration of specific details. It’s a guaranteed win on memory, so to speak, as well.

Marketing budget requirements

There are a few requirements any professional marketing budget plan should meet. Let’s go over them for you to meet those, but moreover, to make sure you’re getting everything you need out of one. 

Before you begin, set the following up as part of your plan:

  • Annual goals.

On these, use them to know where you’re headed. Refer to annual goals to organize the rest of the marketing plan, actually. Make your marketing plan help you get where you need. 

  • Product and service plans
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Marketing budget - and we’ll expand on this one right after this list
  • Sales plan
  • Marketplace positioning

To pick up on the crucial aspect of a startup’s marketing budget, we’ll now move on to how those should be managed. 

How to manage a startup marketing budget

It’s vital to grasp how to best plan a marketing budget. Many aspects of your marketing strategy will depend on it. It’ll define your overall resources and how to use those for the smartest of your business decisions. 

Knowing how much money is allocated to marketing is the best way to maximize spending, which means reaching and maybe surpassing startup goals. Money can be real tight, especially during seed funding and a startup’s bootstrapping or very early stages. When that’s the case, entrepreneurs simply need to learn how to extract the best out of all available business means.

The best tool you have to make informed decisions is to know your annual revenue. Decide on a percentage of that to use on marketing. Of course, defining how much to make that percentage can be tricky. A number some experts give out is around 11% of your revenue, though this figure might also depend on how old your company is. Newer companies might need to spend more (rather than less) getting a brand up and running. 

An excellent marketing budget plan presentation template

Our free marketing budget plan presentation template will help you create a great marketing budget plan for your company with everything you need. Just follow our slides to success. However, we’ll also give you a summary of what you’ll find in it if you’d like us to accompany your template edits. 

Marketing budget plan template description

Our first slide is the introductory one for your marketing budget plan. It might seem like the information in it just gives the title and person working on or responsible for the presentation. Yet, it’s still an eye-catching design that’ll catch the audience’s attention for what you have to say.

Our next slide is devoted to starting big. We focused on the national marketing budget. And we recommend expanding over the following and third slide to describe what you’re doing in regards to that scenario. For instance, if you’re going with banner ads, as we suggest in our template base, describe how many you’re doing (quantity). Include what the projected cost per unit is and what your estimated subtotal would be. The tools we give here are ideal for keeping these figures visually clear, which is always great as people hang on to what you’re describing. 

Our fourth slide introduces a new section to focus on the local marketing budget. As such, the fifth one opens with a word on newspapers akin to how we described banner expenditure before. It’s the same idea of breaking that down per quantity, projected cost per unit, and projected subtotal. 

We repeat this formula basically throughout each of the items you might need for your marketing strategy. The goal is to keep track and disclose spending across the board. As such, think of In-Store Marketing of point of purchase (POP) marketing strategies, too. Describe how much those would all cost.

The following section has to do with PR. Therefore, as slide number seven, we give a big title to public relations and suggest you mainly start that category. Follow that with a slide on public events. Sponsorships and press releases can come next, which are the next three slides on the presentation. We give all the same structure above to help you define and showcase costs per rubric quite easily. 

We’re changing sections now and will thus move on to content marketing. This one we break down into sponsored content, landing page, and white papers/ebooks. Again, think about your total budget and how much you want to devote to each. Beyond costs, of course, tailor those based on your broad strategy.

Next comes a section on social media. Vital at this time, we included main social media channels as a minimum of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can duplicate slides to add more if you’re also featuring your brand on YouTube or doing any spending on other platforms. Tailor these as you see fit for your product or service offer. 

Finally, we wrap up with a pie chart. It puts together every aspect we’ve covered throughout the presentation. This resource shows expenses in a percentage view, making it easy to see at a quick glance where the money is going. It also gives a sharp image of how much is being prioritized in which aspect. 

Need more than a template solution?

You may be breaking your new marketing budget down and find you need a more elaborate presentation. If so, consider hiring content and design services to customize your slides most professionally. This is especially important if your business presentations aim at a bit of convincing for new or existing investors to throw a bit more juice in your punch. We’re here to help out. Just let us know!

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