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Use this Marketing Communication Plan Template to communicate your marketing messages to your target customer audience.
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The presentation above is a Marketing Communication Plan template in the form of a slide deck. You can use it online here. This is a very useful tool for communicating with your target audience and getting a clear idea of what they want to hear from you. A good Marketing Communications plan should include:

-Key messages that will be communicated to your target audience.

-Information about your product or service.

-The best ways to communicate with your target market.

-Basic information of your team members, their responsibilities and a short bio.

-Your business objectives.

-A list of the goals and objectives that you have set for your company.

Defining your Audience Persona

To develop your communication plan, you need to decide who you want your efforts to reach. Consider demographics factors like education level, sex, age, income, age, race and nationality or place of residence. As well as interests, hobbies, and beliefs. Having access to this data will help you craft your message to your specific audience. As FastCompany explains, these factors can be very important for all the major and productive decisions that make the race.

Developing your Strategy

The next step is to develop a strategy to use these resources. You may have already developed a strategy for using social media to promote your business, but there are some questions that you need to answer before and to constantly revisit when executing your Marketing Communication Plan.

-What type of content do I want/need my audience to see?

-What kind of information do I want to spread amongst this community?

-How much money am I willing/can spend on advertising?

-What kind of products or services do I want to sell?

These are some of the questions that will surely keep your marketing communication team busy.  If your business is new to this field, then it is important that you define what type of information your audience wants to hear. The more information you provide, the better chance of getting your message right and getting to your audience’s mind. Once you have these answers, you can create your communication plan.

Be sure to demonstrate achievable, measurable, specific and realistic targets for the marketing efforts. Your organization should identify all marketing communications and how to create product service awareness, positioning product promotions in relative to competitions, and make customers to purchase a product or service.

Be very thorough and careful on the choice of your method of communications and take a minute to explain why your company has chosen to use this method(s) of communication and that you as a team understand the different types and level of communication used by your startup. Enlist the benefits of this specific method related to your target market and potential customers, and also how it will benefit your company.

You will also need to specify and define a Publishing Frequency. You obviously don’t want to be one of those brands that posts too much and users get sick of, but you do want to be present in your potential and current users. This decision can be modified after some trial and error, or some A/B testing, of course.

Make sure you and your team keep things in order. This is teamwork, and the fact that more than one person has access to different tools and decisions can be good and bad at the same time. Be careful and thorough on who has access to what, and who is the final voice when approving messages, art, communication, etc.

Finally, our template will provide you with a table to organize campaigns and events, the dates and any other note you may consider necessary.

We hope this Marketing Communication Plan works for you and make things easier as you grow as a company.

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