Research Plan Template

Formulating a research plan is necessary to set the foundations for a research process. We can conceive it as a roadmap that helps you align your vision with your aspirations.
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Research plan template
Research plan template
Research plan template
Research plan template
Research plan template
Research plan template
Research plan template
Research plan template
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Formulating a research plan is necessary to set the foundations for a research process. We can conceive it as a roadmap that helps you align your vision with your aspirations. It should help put your thoughts together for a robust action plan in terms of a required research project. For that, we came up with 4 quick tips for an outstanding research plan that we’d like to share with you after clearing a few basic concepts of a research plan in itself. 

What is a research plan?

A research plan is basically a short document in which you set up initial questions and the starting steps for a proper - and much longer - research project. It puts together many criteria for the long term. It isn’t a formal research proposal, but it’s used to build the foundations for that. The point of one is giving a clear and concise guide that will make it easier to develop a lengthy and full research proposal. 

Bear in mind that a research plan might be requested of you on different occasions. Examples of those include whenever you ask for a job doing research, whenever you apply for a grant, scholarship, or residence. 

What is the goal of a research plan?

Overall, a research plan aims for a big picture. This isn’t just for you, but as a reference point for others, as well. It seeks to establish an approach for your research topic, its overall purpose, and its main steps. 

Whenever you need to come up with a research plan, summarize the most important aspects of starting full-fledged research. Clarify what you’ll be doing in a broader scope, along with what you hope to achieve.

Why is a research plan important?

A research plan is useful to concisely state the goals of the proposed research. It’s relevant insofar it summarizes a methodology, outcomes, and framework the author or research team will be using. Its importance also lies in how much better a research plan organizes upcoming steps for thorough research. And it helps third parties understand the work in which you’ll engage, which is also crucial in terms of funding in a research project’s early stages.

Formulating a research plan

Coming up with a research plan requires an outline of what you’re going to do. It should show all of the knowledge you have on a subject matter and a clear view of the topic you’ll be expanding. Explore the purpose of your research and define your target audience. The idea here is to engage in a thorough preliminary study to determine what the entire research process will look like.

Essentials of a research plan 

A research plan should meet a few minimum requirements. In general terms, you should be able to explain the significance of the research you’re doing. Include what you’re trying to solve or overcome with your project, and how going through with it might be beneficial for precise populations. 

A vital aspect of a research plan is to talk about the intended approach. What you’re going to do and the steps you’ll follow to get to your goal should be clear in reading it. Your methodology should be fully described, along with how you’ll be analyzing the information you gather.  

Also, include a budget section in your plan. Explain how you’re funding this research, how much money you need to raise, and how the project’s money will be used. 

4 quick tips for an outstanding research plan

1. Identify the resources you’ll need to carry out your research. Doing so will help plan the budget and the project’s implementation, as well.

2. Think of possible alternative strategies for problems you might face along the way. Be prepared for the actual work as much as possible questions that might arise as you pitch your research plan.

3. Clearly study any preliminary research studies. Examine your personal progress and extract what others have achieved in the same area of expertise as yours.

4. Consider your audience. Your research plan might need adjustment based on your audience. Contemplate your research proposal’s receiving end and tailor whatever elements come to mind in regards to your target audience. 

Help yourself with a research plan template.

Our research plan template is here to help organize your thoughts and list research plan essentials. 

This template’s first slide should serve as an introduction to your topic and who you are as a researcher. Next, the template gives room for your purpose and your primary objectives. Include methods you’ll be using to answer the research questions that guide your goals.

Devote a new slide to your screening criteria. As you do that, explain the groups and characteristics of your subjects. Expand on your needs in this respect. 

Over a new slide, explain the different phases in which you’ll divide your research timeline. Include collection methods you plan on using and the proposed metrics through which you intend to analyze data.

The sixth slide is destined for data on your expected deliverables by the end of the research project. Remember, expectations might have people focusing on details such as these. So, work on them as much as possible for a stunning and impressive look that’s also realistic. 

Over a new slide, specify any publications or presentations you hope to be doing. Describe the expected framework for that. 

As the last slide, clearly state your required or granted budget. If you’re putting a research plan in anticipation of raising funds, this slide is particularly relevant. Besides defining the exact amount you need, be specific about how you plan to use research investment. Describe the needs, areas, and ways in which you’ll spend these funds. We do that for your audience to precisely know what you’re requesting and how you plan to use those funds. 

We wish you the best in your research.

We hope our quick tips for your research plan and our primary data for putting one of these together have been of proper guidance for your upcoming research projects. Give our template a try and let us know if you need any customized assistance whatsoever. With a reliable team of designers and entrepreneurs, we’ll undoubtedly be glad to assist as much as possible. 

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