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social media proposal template slide
social media proposal template slide
social media proposal template slide
social media proposal template slide
social media proposal template slide
social media proposal template slide
social media proposal template slide
social media proposal template slide
social media proposal template slide
social media proposal template slide
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Granted that a social media proposal isn’t a final contract. Yet, its purpose in acquiring new clients makes it vital to learn how to do an excellent job at coming up with one of them for a potential new sign-up of a prospective customer. To help you achieve that business goal, we put together a set of the best 7 tips for a social media marketing proposal. They’re a great accompaniment to our free social media proposal template, too. That’s also a resource you can download or just edit online for team collaboration to make the best of your upcoming social media  pitch. Let’s start off with a basic definition of a social media marketing proposal to make sure we’re on the same page as to what we’re discussing. 

What is a social media proposal?

A social media proposal is a document that’s used as part of a sales process. Social media marketing specialists and marketing agencies are most commonly the ones who need it. And they use it to present prospective clients how they can help with specific social media goals. The purpose of a social media proposal is to formalize ideas regarding social media management for clients. Due to all of this, social media proposals should denote extensive research on clients’ needs. 

How to write a winning social media proposal template

In writing a proposal of this nature, start by analyzing your client’s expectations thoroughly. Seek to identify the real problem with which they’re dealing to define how you can best provide them with profitable solutions. 

Stay grounded as you give realistic and attainable goals of what you can conceive. The best strategies will be the ones that’ll achieve social media engagement and growth. 

Social media proposal essentials

Beyond any customization, there are some basics to every social media proposal we’d like to give you to help you get started. All of the following content falls into the template for social media proposals we mentioned above to assist in winning clients over to your corner. 

Set clear goals for your proposal. This can be a single objective or several, but regardless of the amount, be very specific about what you’re looking to accomplish.

Then, define your call action. What you’ll get users to do should help your metrics, of course. 

Display this over a campaign calendar. Give beginning and end dates to every piece of your project. Mention when you’ll schedule posts, the frequency to these based on actual dates, define peak dates, times for follow-ups, and pre-campaign promotion release dates.

As you display a social media calendar, go into a more detailed calendar version that includes the time of launch, content title, images, links, click engagements, and more. 

The following slides in your proposal should display every platform you’ll be using. Divide these into primary and secondary types. 

Once you’ve done this, move on to digital asset management. Establish what those pages are going to look like. Include land pages, web forms, graphics, videos, user-generated content, and all relevant material of this nature. 

We then have metrics to consider. Work these into your presentation. In doing that, clarify what goals you have for each and incorporate how you’ll keep track of them. Our template slides give out examples of metrics you can use, and those go from purchases to new user counts. 

After that, you can discuss your promotional plan. Mention here if you’re going to partner with bloggers, journalists, influencers, or other key parties. If you are, elaborate on how you’ll get them to collaborate, how they can be useful. Any other essential details you consider will help you vouch for their relevance can be included here.

Best 7 tips for a social media proposal

Your social media proposal will vary in how it looks, depending on the occasion. Yet, overall, there are guidelines to follow when writing a successful document of this nature to win clients over. Here’s our series of the best 7 tips for a social media proposal.

1. Know your goals: 

You should first know very clearly what social media goals you’ll be hoping to attain. Define what your client has in mind and what they’re working towards. 

2. Cater to your audience:

Your proposal should be tailored to your clients’ target audience. So, research them as much as possible. Seek to understand that target audience very neatly and gather as much data on your client as you can. Ask for phone calls or meetings to tap into those needs and further build on that relationship for which you’re pitching. 

3. Ask around: 

Clear any doubts you have with your potential customers. Aim to do so over a single sitting. Ask for follow-up information on their target audience. Get statistics. Ask questions on their competitors as much as their target market. 

4. Cater to a budget:

Seek to define your room for work on this proposal at a financial level. You ultimately want to work on a proposed plan of action your potential customer can afford. 

5. Clarify the scope of work: 

This is the most significant part of your proposal. It should be very detailed. Define the specific tasks you’ll complete for your client. Clarify aspects like number of hours, amount of finished art or designs, number of posts, or ads. Be specific about what clients can expect from you. Leave no gray areas here. Instead, give a detailed account of your future work should they decide to choose you. Set the right kind of expectations for potential customers to avoid misunderstandings, bad feedback or reviews, and possible job overloads further down the road. 

6. Prove you’re worth it: 

Show your client how you’re the ideal person for this job. For that, tell them why you’re who they need. What makes you different from your competitor? Demonstrate that. Expand on your experience, give testimonials from satisfied customers if you have them, and show you’ve achieved similar goals for other social media markets, for instance.

7. Polish your terms of agreement: 

Be clear on the terms in which you’ll orient the efforts you’re proposing. Go legal on this. Be minute in your revisions, too. Include aspects such as fees, kind of work to be expected, when the project’s contractual end is considered, specific deadlines, and timelines, for example. Try to come up with relevant considerations on your work and your service relationship should customers sign to have you direct their social media efforts. 

We hope you rock your proposals.

We hope these tips are of help with your social media proposal drafts. If you ever need a hand with your design or the content to your slides on specific startup-related projects, feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be glad to take a look at your needs to excel in fulfilling them as much as possible. 

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