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Sololearn, the Armenia-based instructional coding app revolutionizing the way people learn to code. With interactive lessons and peer-to-peer guidance, Sololearn has secured a remarkable $24 million in Series B funding led by Drive Capital, with support from Learn Capital and Prosus Ventures.
Series B
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Understanding SoloLearn

SoloLearn, at its core, is a pioneering platform in the realm of mobile learning, designed to democratize coding education across the globe. Born from a vision to make learning programming accessible to anyone, anywhere, SoloLearn has emerged as a beacon of innovation in educational technology.

Mission and Services

SoloLearn's mission is to empower individuals with the skills needed to thrive in the digital age, offering a comprehensive suite of interactive courses on programming languages, web development, and data science. Through its user-friendly mobile app and community-driven learning model, SoloLearn provides a personalized learning experience that is both engaging and effective.

Unique Value Proposition

What sets SoloLearn apart is its commitment to removing barriers to education. By leveraging technology to create an inclusive, interactive learning environment, SoloLearn ensures that anyone with a smartphone and internet access can learn to code, thereby fostering a global community of learners and professionals.

Leadership and Vision

Under the leadership of its visionary CEO, SoloLearn has not only expanded its reach globally but has also cultivated a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. The team's passion for education and technology drives SoloLearn towards achieving its goal of making coding education universally accessible.

Growth and Impact

SoloLearn has experienced exponential growth, witnessing a surge in its user base and an expansion of its course offerings. The platform's impact extends beyond individual learners to the broader tech industry, by addressing the global skills gap and empowering a new generation of developers.

The SoloLearn Pitch Deck

Essential Components

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Lunchbox and Dutchie, the SoloLearn pitch deck is a masterclass in storytelling, blending clear data presentation with a compelling narrative. Essential elements include an overview of the educational technology market, the problem statement, SoloLearn's unique solution, business model, market traction, team introduction, and financial projections.

Engaging Investors

SoloLearn's pitch deck captivates investors by skillfully intertwining storytelling with data, highlighting the scalability of its solution and the vast market opportunity. This balance is crucial for painting a picture of the startup's potential for growth and impact.

Visual and Content Strategies

Adopting a clean and engaging design, the pitch deck simplifies complex information through visuals that complement the narrative. Strategic use of icons, screenshots, and infographics accentuates key points, reinforcing SoloLearn's value proposition.

For the Aspiring Startup

Emerging startups can glean valuable lessons from SoloLearn's approach, emphasizing the importance of clarity, cohesion, and the power of a well-told story. Tailoring the presentation to address investor concerns while showcasing your innovation is key to standing out.

Why this pitch deck?

SoloLearn's pitch deck serves as a blueprint for startups looking to make their mark in the competitive tech ecosystem. By emphasizing storytelling, integrating data effectively, and presenting a clear value proposition, startups can craft a pitch deck that not only appeals to investors but also lays the groundwork for their future success. As SoloLearn continues to innovate and expand its reach, its approach to pitching offers invaluable insights for any company striving to transform their industry through technology.

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