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YouTube’s long been an authoritative source of video content. Everybody recognizes that play button over a red background nowadays as its logo. The platform needs no introduction as most people use it to upload, download, view, share, and comment on viral public videos. With a variety of useful features to so many people around the world, Youtube keeps generating content from a wide range of topics. Individuals watching TV in their homes as much as big TV companies and movie studios have something to do with YouTube at some point. But, are you aware of just how Youtube paved its way into the referential media giant it is today? We bring the best youtube pitch deck template redesign for free, and we’ll introduce it with a bit of a background story on it. 

When was YouTube’s pitch deck used?

Youtube’s pitch deck was used in 2005 when it had less than 10,000 users. It was actually quite straightforward. They used an elementary version of a 10 slide pitch deck to go up in front of Sequoia Capital for fundraising. Still, the company was able to raise $3.5 M in that Series A round November of that year. This cost around 30% of the stakes in the company. 

A year later, Google acquired Youtube for $1.6 billion. That happened less than 2 years after Youtube’s foundation. It had gathered more than a billion users who watched around 7 billion videos per day by then. 

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our free youtube pitch deck template, one of the best youtube pitch deck template redesigns. Use it for a solid shot at that same traction Youtube gained initially to get investors interested in your business idea.

YouTube pitch deck template slides

Running on 10 simple slides, this particular template allows you to explain precisely what you want to achieve, and how you’re going to do that. We’ll describe each slide to this combination next. 

  • Introduction

The first slide, as usual, should be your introduction. That refers to a company logo, brand, and a stunning image representing what the startup’s all about. An HD picture can really captivate people’s attention, yet only include that if you can rely on it showing without fail as you present. For email use, it can be risky to upload heavy content to your slides as your users might not have the required bandwidth to enjoy your content as you intend. But, for a stunning first impression, focus on that for which your brand stands.

  • Company purpose

Use the second slide to define the company’s purpose. For YouTube, this meant clarifying the main goal and its 3 most important features. And they did this by going straight to the point. It happened without a lot of words or any sort of a need to get lost in exuberant texts. Try that level of concision yourself. 

  • Problem 

The third slide to this pitch deck brings home the main problem you’re addressing. For YouTube, this meant focusing on four primary areas that the platform solved for every user that needed to work with videos. In your case, describe the exact trouble you’ve found. Expand on what makes you know there’s room for profitability in serving a consumer’s precise need in a way no one else is doing. 

  • Solution

As usual, a problem slide is followed by its proposed solution. Describe how your product or service offer will help solve the problems you just mentioned in the previous slide. 

Also, and as you can see in this redesign, YouTube’s logo appears throughout the presentation. This is a way to ensure your audience connects with your brand and that they keep it present. It might help to incorporate some of that in your case, as well. 

  • Market size

As for market size, YouTube’s original deck focused on its two main characteristics that made the product accessible to many users. This can be similar in your case, or you might choose a different set of elements. What’s relevant here is to make it very clear that you’re tapping into a sizable market. That’s an investor’s room for profitability, so make sure the efforts are worth it. 

  • Competition

As you can see, the competition slide in YouTube’s case covered a diverse range of competitors. How many you incorporate will be dictated by your chosen niche. Try to stick to your most relevant competitors. Yet, also stay away from keeping relevant competition out of your slides or that might show you’re concealing essential information in your analysis. Explain what your company offers that makes it unique. Especially do so concerning your direct competitors.

  • Product development

When it comes to product development, describe your product or service’s main features. You can stress what’s been achieved or what’s in the works in this sense. 

  • Sales and distribution

The goal of this slide is to define your efforts in regards to advertisements and strategies to get more customers and keep them engaged.

  • Show your team

Showing off your team’s main achievements, strengths, and what makes them perfect for your company’s needs should be a task on which you devote some time. Make sure you excel at how you present the right people you’ve found for crucial roles. Don’t include everyone in your company, but stay within the confines of your essential players. 

  • Metrics

Leave a lasting impression with a metrics wrap-up. Describe the most significant milestones your company has reached and those you wish to attain.

Find inspiration in this success story.

Without a doubt, Youtube has been one of the greatest success stories in entrepreneurial terms, especially as a successful and rising startup. This public video platform just keeps growing and expanding. In that sense, we’ve recently grown with it with the 100K subscriber platinum award to Slidebean’s Youtube channel. This is also something we celebrate with great pride. We hope you get to your very own startup successes next from here! Let us know if we can ever lend a hand in any way. 

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