SaaStr Annual Conference 2022 - 30% Discount tickets

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SaaStr Annual Conference 2022 - 30% Discount tickets
June 7, 2022

It's the place for startup founders, and many come from far and wide to be there. Through the years, SaaStr has earned the reputation as the most important event for startups. This is thanks to its atmosphere and the chance to make endless connections. 

Not even the pandemic could slow down this fascinating event. Year after year, it grows in popularity. So, it's common for many people to ask what's SaaStr and how to attend it. We've got the answers to all these questions. This article will cover everything you need to know about this famous startup festival. 

What is SaaStr Annual?

SaaStr Annual is the largest startup and B2B conference in the world. More than 15,000 people come from all corners to talk about startups, connect with others, and learn more about the industry. 

The festival originated from the company SaaStr, one of the leading blogs for entrepreneurs. In 2012, Jason Lemkin decided to share his knowledge about taking his startup from $0 to $100 million. First, Lemkin shared his lessons and mistakes in a simple WordPress blog and Quora. From there, the platform grew into what it is today. 

The name SaaStr comes from combining Software as a Service and Training. It's a perfect summary of what the company does. SaaStr provides all the tips and tricks to help founders take their startups to the next level. 

After the blog grew, it earned prestigious awards and made a name in the sector. So, the next logical step was to create the SaaStr Annual conference. The first SaaStr Annual happened in 2015 with great success and has become a staple in the startup world. 

SaaStr Annual is a conference that combines experts in the Cloud and Software as a service (SaaS) sectors. For three days, attendees can hear the experts tell their success stories, advice, and strategies. 

The conference is an excellent opportunity to learn from experts and apply that knowledge. In addition, it allows companies to get their name out there. They can do this with stands, so keep reading if you want to learn more about this.  Get Discounted Tickets here

Where is SaaStr?

Since it began in 2015, SaaStr Annual has taken place in California. While the specific location varies per year, the platform has a firm grip in the Bay Area. For example, the 2022 SaaStr Annual event is in San Francisco Bay Area at the San Mateo County Events Center. 

As for international events, SaaStr annual has grown so much that it now has a European version. SaaStr Europa is already in its third year, and this time the event takes place in Barcelona, Spain. So, if you're interested in attending SaaStr Annual, you now have the European option. 

These events are popular, and tickets run out in no time. So, it's always recommended to sign up fast. It's common for people to have questions about attending the event. After all, SaaStr Annual is a massive event with plenty of opportunities.

On the other hand, traveling there can translate to a significant investment. So, should you attend SaaStr Annual? In the following section, we'll answer this question. 

Who should attend SaaStr Annual?

SaaStr Annual is a great event for founders, startups, and investors alike. You should attend SaaStr if you want to get closer to experts in your field. That includes tech, startups, and even finance and business. 

At SaaStr Annual, you will find other founders that face the same challenges that you are. Plus, what's even more important is that experts can have the solution to your issues. 

The event is massive. It holds more than 1,000 networking sessions and more than 250 speakers from all over the world. Plus, there are hundreds of investors, VCs, and angel investors that you can approach and pitch to. If you want to know more about pitching to investors, check out this link. 

SaaStr Annual also offers workshops, case studies, and classes. So, for founders, it's an ideal event. While it might be expensive, it provides a lot of perks that you can only get from being there. So, if you're planning on going to SaaStr Annual, here are some quick tips for you to keep in mind. 

  • Make a schedule: SaaStr Annual is a massive event, and you won't be able to be at all the conferences and workshops. So, it's ideal that you make a calendar with the events you want to attend, plus some open spaces for any late add-ons. 
  • Talk to people: SaaStr Annual offers an excellent opportunity to connect and network with founders. Plus, they can share their best experiences, and that is priceless. So, be sure to check out the schedule for small group meetings. There, you'll have the chance to form valuable connections. 
  • Free up your days: SaaStr Annual runs all day. This means that events take place every hour, even until late. So, get ready for long walks and even longer days. Prepare yourself with food, water, and sunscreen! 

At the same time, companies can also sponsor, and this decision can seem daunting. So, in the next section, we'll explain whether you should sponsor SaaStr Annual. 

SaaStr Discounted Tickets

Should my company sponsor SaaStr Annual?

SaaStr Annual is one of the most important startup events in the world. So, it makes sense that companies consider sponsoring the conference. This way, they can have a stand close to tens of thousands of attendees. 

At the same time, it's essential to consider that sponsoring SaaStr Annual isn't cheap. So, it might not be for everyone. 

Your company should sponsor SaaStr if doing so provides the most ROI. However, since it's a considerable investment, your startup should take complete advantage of the event, using it as a platform to get your name out there. 

In that sense, sponsoring SaaStr might not be ideal for a company still at the earliest stages of development. 

At the same time, it's an excellent opportunity for a company that hasn't been able to reach big names. Startups want to network with more prominent investors as they grow. As a result, SaaStr Annual is the ideal space for that. 

Where can I get tickets to SaaStr Annual 2022?

So, you've decided to go to SaaStr Annual 2022, and now, it's time to buy the tickets. The easiest and fastest way to get tickets is through the conference's website

According to your startup's size, you can find early-bird offers and different price points. If you're planning on going to SaaStr Europa, then visit this site for more information

SaaStr Annual is one of the most exciting events for B2B, SaaS, and tech founders. So, it makes perfect sense to attend it. You now have all the information you need to get your tickets ready! 

SaaStr Annual Discounted Tickets

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SaaStr Annual Conference 2022 - 30% Discount tickets
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