Slidebean Spotlight - Invibed


Who are Korrie Martinez & Dani Pascarella? A little bit of backstory to know you better.

We became friends in high school and since then, we’ve been college roommates (Go Gators!), we studied abroad together in Spain, and now we’re co-founders on a mission to help young professionals get their financial sh*t together.

Korrie is super creative so she’s our Chief Content Officer and manages our website and our branding. She’s also our resident “budget babe” because she’s always down to do a DIY project and can somehow put together an amazing outfit with like $40.

In my family, finance was always important. When I was a kid, no joke, my mom would make me call out the closing prices on stocks while she cooked dinner and she’d reward me with extra dessert. I became a licensed stockbroker at age 20 and have always been really passionate about teaching financial literacy. I think through education, we can close the financial gap for millennials.

How did Invibed get started?

I quit my six figure job on Wall Street after realizing most of my friends were struggling financially and didn’t know where to turn. I wanted to make financial advice easily accessible and affordable for my friends and all millennials, which is why I created Invibed.

We started off as a media site, offering free educational content that tackles all the money issues my generation faces -- living paycheck to paycheck, student loans, getting married, how to afford vacations, dating, and life when you’re broke.

The site was growing quickly and I needed a co-founder who could help us offer even more to our readers, so I immediately called Korrie and asked her to come on board. Before we knew it, we had built our very first product--Wealth Coaching! It’s a 90-day bootcamp style program that gets you one-on-one time with a Certified Financial Planner, a custom Financial Game Plan, daily videos on personal finance that you can watch from your phone, and access to our client portal, which gives you a full overview of your financial situation.

Biggest challenge for 2017?

We’re beginning to fundraise and expand our Wealth Coaching program so that we can accommodate more users. Growing pains are real but we’re so excited about the next stage and being able to help even more customers achieve financial freedom.

What’s next for Invibed?

More and better technology so that our clients always get the full attention they need no matter how large we grow. We’re also creating really comprehensive mini-programs for our readers that are especially interested in one thing, such as refinancing student loans or remodeling their home on a budget.

How do you drink your coffee?

We both gave up Starbucks when we realized that we could go on multiple vacations with all the money we were spending on lattes! Now we only treat ourselves occasionally (gotta have that PSL in October) and we brew coffee at home.

How did you find out about Slidebean?

We landed a meeting with a potential investor and neither of us had ever created a pitch deck before. Luckily, our Google search led us to Slidebean! Your VC-vetted sample pitch decks were an invaluable resource to us, and our final presentation looked infinitely better than anything we could have created using Powerpoint.