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Our app keeps evolving. Every version brings a new set of Slidebean features you might not be aware of! Here, we're recapping a few of the most recent (and highly requested) ones, so your slides look EVEN better from now on!

New options for charts

It’s probably time for you to reconsider that chart on your slide deck! We’ve added a few cool features, like an option to display values or not, customizing the colors with the palette editor, and choosing how do you want the legend to look like.

Sub-bullets in all input fields

On every text block, you have now the option to add levels to your numbered and bulleted lists. Just hit “Enter” and then “Tab” to change the hierarchy of every new item on your list.

Template search bar

Yup, as easy as that. Now you can browse our templates with your favorite keyword and find the one you need quicker!

New solid background for text blocks

A simple touch that adds a pop of color to your slides and helps you highlight relevant texts.

Keep that feedback coming! We love to make Slidebean better with your requests and suggestions. Remember to hit that refresh button on your browser when the app calls you to... every new version could have even cooler surprises!

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