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In this new service, our founders work with you on finding the right story for your company, breaking down your business model and your unfair advantages. The process is handled via multiple work session between your company founders and ours.


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If you are confident about the content of your investor deck, you can send it over to us just for redesign. We won't get involved in the content or the slide order- we'll simply take your presentation and make it shine.

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A pitch deck example slide, showing a theoretical company team slide
A financial slide example on a pitch deck


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Looking to create that investor deck yourself? Then you can work with our do-it-yourself platform. We've created hundreds of templates inspired in the most successful company decks; they are all available for you to use as outline to tell your own company story.

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Some thoughts on pitch deck design:
making your first impression count

It’s your business model, your vision as a founder and your ability to pitch what will determine if you get funding or not. We are not going to argue that.

Still, designing a pitch deck that stands out can say a lot about the stage your company is in, and your ability to execute. All internet companies rely on high engagement and high conversion rates to grow, and the only way to achieve that is with a remarkable UX design.

Whether you use a pitch deck template or hire our pitch deck writing service,  this presentation is a reflection of the ability you and your team have to generate a product that is intuitive enough to reach mass adoption.

The best pitch decks are an extension of what the startup is already doing. They portray what’s being done, how it’s being done and how it can be done better with more money.  Without a doubt, the best pitch decks make a compelling case for the investment.

We've prepared an article with the ideal pitch deck outline and how the principles of storytelling can help you nail a convincing story.

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