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We help you review & redesign your investor fundraising pitch deck
Jeremy Hill, Co-Founder of Cloaked
“It was a no-brainer to use Slidebean’s pitch deck services. They took a good deck and made it look slick, clean and professional. It was really presentable to the VCs.”
Jeremy Hill
Co-Founder of Cloaked

Samples of our redesigned decks

Superpeer slide example
Superpeer slide example
Sparkcharge slide example
Sparkcharge slide example
Cloaked pitch deck slide example
Cloaked pitch deck slide example
Airbnb pitch deck redesign example
Airbnb Pitch Deck example

How we’ve helped our clients succeed

We’ve helped hundreds of startups in their fundraising journey. Companies we’ve worked with have raised more than $300 million combined! These are some of their experiences.
“By going with Slidebean, we were able to captivate and create a very cinematic and visually appealing pitch deck for investors”
Joshua Aviv, CEO of Sparkcharge
Joshua Aviv
CEO of Sparkcharge, raised $7M
“For us, it was a no-brainer to have Slidebean take the deck I drafted and make it look professional”
Jeremy Hill, Co-Founder of Cloaked
Jeremy Hill
Co-Founder of Cloaked, raised $425K
“Slidebean's content allowed us to cover the steps we needed to advance.”
Tanika McLeod, Co-Founder of Minute Skill
Tanika McLeod
Co-Founder of Minute Skill
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How do we work with you?

This is how our Pitch Deck Design process works

1. Book Review Call (Optional)

Our business analyst will review your slides during a 30min call and make a list of recommendations to improve your pitch deck structure and storytelling.

2. Submit revised deck

After you implement our business analysts’ feedback, submit your revised pitch deck so we can get started on redesigning your slides.

3. Pitch Deck Design

Our team of graphic designers will create a new version of your deck using your company branding and style guidelines.

4. Revision Process

Every project includes 2 rounds of design revisions at no additional cost. Our commitment is to deliver top graphic design.

5. Final Delivery

We deliver a fully editable file in your preferred presentation tool. We work on Power Point, Keynote, Slidebean, and Google Slides formats.
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Why work with Slidebean?

We are pitch deck specialists

As pitch deck consultants, we have years of experience working with startup founders to help them raise venture capital. We understand the challenges and opportunities that come with starting a business and we know how to craft a pitch that will appeal to investors. We also have a deep understanding of the venture capital ecosystem.

Whether you're just getting started or you're ready to take your pitch to the next level, we’re here to help you navigate your fundraising process!

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