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We've been involved in the investor deck writing and design of over 30,000 startups.
We’ve worked with many that have raised more than $250 million combined.

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Pitch Deck Writing and Design

We'll discuss the most compelling way to tell your business story. Our business analysts will then condense your information into a powerful pitch deck. Our team then will design professional-looking slides for your pitch deck.
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Pitch Deck Design

Our team will redesign an existing presentation and deliver a professional-looking pitch deck.

We design your deck up to 20 slides
2 rounds of revisions on the design

4 business days delivery

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Financial Model Workshop

Our workshop consists of 1-on-1 sessions to build your financial model while you understand the logic behind driver-based modeling.
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Pitch with confidence and raise funds with ease

In the last 18 months $300M in VC funding was raised with pitch decks our team helped prepare

Pitch deck consulting services for startups

In the last 18 months, $300M in VC-funding were raised with pitch decks our team helped prepare
raised $7M with a pitch deck written & designed by us
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MinuteSkill raised $225,000
on their 2021 pre-seed
SuperPeer simplified their communication strategy
raised $425,000 with our pitch deck & financial model

Samples of our redesigned decks

Superpeer slide example
Sparkcharge slide example
Cloaked pitch deck slide example
Cloaked pitch deck slide example
Airbnb pitch deck redesign example
Airbnb Pitch Deck example
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