Bid Proposal Template

Try our bid proposal template when you are working on a business project for an important client and need a format that will lead you to success. This fully customizable presentation provides all the information that can be of real value for your stakeholders when you’re doing proposal writing.


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Bid Proposal Template
Bid Proposal Template
Bid Proposal Template
Bid Proposal Template
Bid Proposal Template
Bid Proposal Template
Bid Proposal Template
Bid Proposal Template
Bid Proposal Template
Bid Proposal Template
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A successful bid proposal proves that you are the right person for the job. Use one of these documents to secure work from prospective investors and clients. You can use a bid proposal to outline your project, forecast results, summarize your experiences, and detail your budget.

Creating a bid proposal is a tricky process, however. You need to include the right information on this document to impress investors and clients. This is where a good bid proposal template comes in. The right pitch deck will include a number of high-quality slides that you can use to outline your project.

Why do you need a bid proposal template?

A bid proposal is more than just a business plan. It details a specific project that you want to work on. Startups, scaleups and multinational corporations all use bid proposals to win new contracts and secure work.

The problem is, many businesses have trouble compiling bid proposals. They include the wrong information in these documents and jeopardize their chances of winning a project.

A bid proposal template, therefore, provides businesses with all the resources they need to create a successful bid proposal.

Here at Slidebean, we have created a bid proposal template that you can share with your clients and investors. It includes several high-quality slides that incorporate various graphics and other elements. This way, you can showcase your services and stand out from your competitors.

Like all of Slidebean's pitch decks, you can embed this template into your website — all you need is a single line of code. As a result, prospective clients and investors can view your bid proposal when they visit your company online.

You can use this template as a standalone presentation or include it with a business plan template and company profile template when you approach clients and investors.

The slides

Here are some of the slides in our bid proposal pitch deck template.

About us
Introduce your company to prospective investors and clients at the start of your bid proposal. Here, you can summarize your company's achievements, experiences, and general status. There is plenty of room to include details about your business.

Expected results
For a client to accept your bid, you need to forecast your results. This slide will let you do just that. You can include graphs and charts that predict your future success and convince clients that you are the right company for this project.

The project
Write about the project in greater detail on this slide. This will let clients know that you understand the project specifications.

Introduce your company on this slide. You can include statistics like predicted growth, as well as any recent developments in your organization.

It is important that you outline your fees in your bid proposal template. This way, clients will know how much your services cost if they accept your bid. You can use colorful graphs to detail this information.

Rates and terms
This is your chance to compile all of your rates and terms in one place.

This slide has space for you to write down any expenses you might encounter if a client accepts you for a project. These expenses might include things like travel costs, equipment costs, and other fees.

Applicable law
Here, you can refer to any legislation or industry guidelines that could have an impact on the project you are bidding for.

This timeline will let clients and investors know when you plan to complete their project. You can tell them when you plan to start and finish the job, for example.

Summarize your bid proposal here. You can include information from other slides in this pitch deck. This is one last chance to convince your investors and clients to accept your bid.

Previous work and references
Include a list of clients you have worked for in the past, as well any references.

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