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Use this budget proposal template to estimate of the future costs, revenues and resources over a specific period of time.
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Creating a clear and dynamic presentation on the topic of finances can be one of the most difficult challenges for a business professional. How do you make sure that the presentation flows well and hits all the key points? The Budget Proposal template provides you with a great outline for your next board meeting, allowing you to pair information with attractive, consistent graphics to communicate your message visually. The goal of most budget proposals is to instill confidence in the investor or stakeholder by intertwining vision with the numbers.  

Perhaps this is your first time putting together a financial plan or updating key parties on the financial status of your business. Let us walk you through it!

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Where do I start?

As in most business presentations, you want to give your listeners a bird's-eye view of the elements that will be covered and the major takeaways from your message. For this reason, the budget proposal template provides you with two slides to kick off the presentation, one with an emphasis on text and the other featuring a graph that will connect with more visual audience members.

From here, it is best to work chronologically. Give your listeners a good foundation in where the company is currently so they can go on the journey with you to understand the reasoning behind your proposed budget. Cover topics like the current status of the company and a review of the most recent period of reporting in this section.  


The heart of any budget proposal presentation is the cold hard facts. However, it is easy for listeners to get lost as they are presented with visual after visual of data that looks the same and runs together incoherently. Make it easier for your audience by utilizing slides that build on one another, as they do in this template. Start off by giving a brief text overview of the numbers, providing background regarding the market and your place in it compared to that of your competitors. Use this information to introduce the alterations you are proposing to the budget.

The next several slides take your listeners through the “meat and potatoes” of a financial plan. Beginning with an opportunity for you to make a strong statement in text regarding this proposal, the template moves along to present the overall budget number that you are requesting. Many stakeholders naturally begin to wonder how exactly you plan to utilize those kinds of funds, so move along with that natural curiosity to discuss budget allocation, expenses, MMR or other applicable revenues, financial distribution, and fund usage. Each of these should include a clear visual to bring people along with you and illustrate the validity of your argument.


Drive your message home by discussing the bright future the company will enjoy provided it be allowed to follow the proposed financial plan. The template provides five different slides to allow you to really tell the story of the positive impacts stakeholders can look forward to, making use of descriptive text, timelines, bullet points, and graphics. This is where the presentation really sells the listeners in moving with this course of action, so it is imperative that ample benefits are discussed in this portion of the template. Buzzwords like acquisitions, milestones, and next steps are the skeleton on which you can build out this inspirational content.

Finally, you can provide decisionmakers with the projected numbers they can expect to see over the next reporting period, leaving them with strong graphics displaying the return they can anticipate. The culminating slides allow you to  discuss the future achievements of the organization and a strong statement to leave on as you close the proposal.

Avoid the pitfalls that many professionals make! Utilize slidebean’s budget proposal template to become a presentation expert!

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