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In a globally competitive world, having a robust marketing strategy template is necessary to map out the best way to attain your objectives. With this template, you can develop a clear timeline for your brand's action plan that you can share easily with your team and clients for the most efficient results.

What is a marketing strategy plan?

When you need to change the results of your marketing strategy, you need to turn your strategy around. To make this possible, you need to analyze in a self-critical and straightforwardly way what are the main pain points you are seeing and how to change this.

To do so, it's necessary to take a tour of your company or brand, re-think if you are meeting the customer's needs and create a new strategy.  To do so, we created a simple yet useful presentation that will provide you with all the tools to guide you through this process.

Check our marketing plan template for reference.

What does marketing strategy plan include?

This template is a robust document where you can set your new strategy in place by defining the most important aspects that impact your marketing strategy. It's essential to initially identify the challenges and the audiences you will be facing and make sure they are a solid match.

Next, include in your presentation an internal analysis of how your company culture and where you stand in the overall market. Analyze your competitors and define which are their strong and weak points and how you can compete with them.

Define the market segments you will be choosing to reach and even the strategies you initially considered but ruled out. Include all the main points of your plan including the four P's: product name, pricing, distribution and promotion ideas.

What information should you add in marketing strategy plan presentation?

Marketing strategy plans might be presented to different groups of internal and external stakeholders and even investors. This is why it's essential to deliver a straightforward and clear message across the board.

  • Include all the data about your company internally that might be useful for decision making including analysis of competitors company culture.
  • Make sure you are very thorough with the information so that it is quite clear to your audiences how you will manage your strategy.
  • Use numbers that can provide a strong point about your audience and expected results.

Go ahead and download our marketing strategy pdf version or sign up and try it on Slidebean.

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