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When you’re looking to create the best presentation you need the best handout template to impact your audience.
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When you're looking to create the best presentation you need the best handout template to impact your audience. Customize the presentation handout so that you can create a material for both oral presentations or ppt to be handed out for whom is listening to you, enabling to take notes or write questions.

An Intuitive Presentation Handout Template

Creating the best presentation handout template is an ingenious way of being impactful to your audience. Your presentation handout material eliminates the need to write down questions and take notes regardless of whether it is a PPT or an oral presentation.

Essentially, our presentation handouts will relieve your teams the stress of writing everything about the company on the slides. In addition, we create embeddable presentations that can automatically fit on any device and site you’re loading them. We help you avoid the old presentation habits that may restrain your ideas and limit your capacity to be creative.

Why handouts are important

Handouts have the power to free your mind and improve your slides. With a handout, you can include the main points of your talk by summarizing them in one page, references to further reading material, and your contact details. Meaning, you won’t have to incorporate everything you want to say in your slides. And, should your audience have questions or want more information weeks after the presentation, they can contact you through your contact details.

When creating a handout, you are compelled to write down the main points because you may only need one or two pages for your handout. When you include a key image from your presentation slides or associated graphics, your readers will always remember the presentation whenever they see these images or graphics. Unfortunately, some people make a mistake of handing out slides as handouts to minimize resources.

Take time to write your core messages. You can splash in some important figures, market statistics or unique value propositions. Handouts are usually relevant when given out after a presentation. You can tell your audience to pay attention to the presentation, instead of writing down short notes, because you’ll provide a handout with contact details at the end of the presentation.

Why Our Presentation Handout Template is a Must-Have

Talking about one core message in a handout is important. Instead of showing a lot of facts and numbers, we stick to the amount of information that your audience can soak in at a given time. This is a viable approach to condensing your handout message to make it more memorable. While it may be hard to compress everything into one core message, it is well worth it.

Summarize your core message with an inspiring story. A story is a perfect way to wrap up your core message as it summarizes the main points in your storyline. Moreover, a story will make your presentation handout unforgettable.

Our Presentation Handout Elements

Presentation storyline
We keep the presentation storyline consistent throughout the handout without adding new elements. This is very important to avoid confusing readers.

Although it is not 100% necessary, we advocate for the use of images to make your handout more appealing and memorable. Remember, the use of images depends on your business’s industry as it might be purely unnecessary to include images in certain specialties. Images boost the readability of the handout.

Further reading
Incorporating a lot of information in one handout, makes the presentation look crowded and may put off some readers. Therefore, we encourage the use of a “further reading” section in your presentation handout for readers who want to learn more.

Contact details
At the end of the handout, it is important to include contact details. Readers might not be able to associate your handout with a random business card after a presentation. Therefore, it is very crucial to include current, relevant contact details that people can use to contact your business, a few weeks or months later. Contact details such as name, email, webpage, and social media accounts can do.

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