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Services Proposal Template
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What is a services proposal template?

When you are trying to impress a marketing services client, it´s essential to have a visual aid and support your strategy. It can be a crucial step to begin a successful client relationship that will lead to much more business. The services proposal template is the guideline you need to present a robust strategy that will land you a deal.

You will be able to tell the customer about the most significant work you have done.  Also, you can guide them through an initial analysis of how you can support them and the relevant ideas of how you can be of real value to their brand. This template sets the frame for how you will differentiate their message and achieve the goals.

In this presentation, you can include valuable information as a consultant or agency that guides your customer in understanding the steps of your strategy proposal. It provides all the tools you need to showcase not only your marketing capabilities but also your goals with their brand.  

What does the services proposal template include?

This presentation is a straightforward and robust tool that includes the necessary slides to convince your client. Complete with enough numerical references, relatable icons and images to clarify, this template is useful and practical.  

Some of the best features of the services proposal template are how it´s oriented to be understandable and financially attractive for different audiences. With the various graphics and icons, you can share information ranging from marketing targets to expected results and even budget recommendations.

When creating a proposal, it´s important to not only analyze the past of the brand and execute on the present but also to plan the future. To do this, we included a roadmap with icons that will be clear on the actionable steps. The closing is an inspiring one with a quote where you can add and distinctive testimonial to create instant impact.

What information should you add in the services proposal template?

Don't be afraid to share all the information that can be necessary for any desition making. Stakeholders will appreciate seeing not only what is required to achieve the goals but also what resources will be put into work.

Make sure to complete all the information not only about your company but also go ahead and collect some initial information about your client including status and goals.

Preset the core of your strategy in a clear and convincing way including a summary of each stage.

Be clear about objectives and goals you will be pursuing and make sure you and your client are on the same page.

Include all relevant budgets or projections that can be relevant in your project and be one step ahead.

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