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Use this strategic proposal template to estimate of the future costs, revenues and resources over a specific period of time.
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Every company needs to have a strategic plan. Yet, coming up with a winning strategic plan calls for a lot of knowledge. As this aspect of a startup’s indispensable, we’ll provide you with the necessary tools and list 4 quick steps to a great strategic plan template for your business. 

From making sure you’re on track to fulfilling startup objectives and staying on budget, Slidebean’s template is designed to help your organization succeed in many different ways. 

What is a strategic plan template?

The definition of a strategic plan template can be thought of as an outline of what makes a business grow. This document lists a series of primary areas that are crucial to defining a business goal accomplishment strategy. 

A strategic plan can be used at different scales, from a small one to keep track of reaching a company’s mission to a large one for planning long-term growth.

How helpful is a strategic plan template?

A strategic plan template helps define the required steps to get to a particular finish line. It also demands an outline of how those actions will get done. 

To reach the above, internal and external company needs will be analyzed. And an extensive timeline will most likely need to be drafted, which will also come with diverse ways to prove progress is happening. 

As you can probably see, writing a strategic plan is a way of looking at an organization’s goals and defining the necessary steps to reach those. This ties in with project assurance and progress security. Not bad for a free tool, right? 

How to create a simple strategic plan

Completing this task doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re complementing this with 4 quick steps to a great strategic plan template, as we’ve added below. Yet, for now, bear in mind that writing a simple strategic plan calls for you to first think and clearly define where you want to get. Also, stipulate how long from now you plan on doing so. It’s crucial to have this clear before you get to writing. 

Only start creating your plan once the two aspects above are entirely transparent. Whenever those are ready, look at the key elements we’ve developed for you below. 

To all this, remember that relying on a template will ensure you don’t forget any relevant parts to your company’s plan to reach its goals.

Key elements of a strategic plan

  • Executive summary: This section should help quickly understand all that’s part of the plan.
  • Elevator pitch: Also possible as a company description, the key here is to include just a brief overlook of the company and what it does.
  • Mission/vision and value statements: Give an explanation of what you’re trying to achieve. Also, present the guiding point for the plan.
  • Goals: Make these clear and achievable goals of which you can keep track.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Understanding company metrics is essential at all costs. Make sure you define how you’ll measure your business’ performance. 
  • Industry analysis: Use this to know market behavior and stay on top of growth or diversification opportunities.
  • Evaluation methods: Similar to KPIs, define what the key indicators will be to show your plan is working, or not. Add those that’ll help measure that the company is reaching its goals.
  • Marketing plan: Define here how you’ll get new clients.
  • Operations plan: Focus on how you’ll make things happen for your business. Identify projects and map how to get them done. Add who will be the stakeholder to which precise area, as well.
  • Competitive analysis: Outline your competition. In doing so, describe what makes competitors unique. Include in your analysis what they’re doing. And conceive what you plan on doing in response to that to stand out.
  • Financial projections: Staying grounded on these with realistic numbers should help drive company projects effectively. Let these help set clear marks on what you need.

Okay, and for the juice of what we’ve promised, we’ll now outline 4 quick steps to a great strategic plan template, hoping what the use of a strategic plan is vastly clear to you by now. 

4 quick steps to a great strategic planning template

1. Write down your mission and vision, along with your value statements.

Revise those as many times as needed until you feel they’re just right. Check other company’s mission and vision to help you understand the difference between the two. As you scout for these, go for companies whose product, industry, target market, and brand are well established and concisely evident. That should help study the best out there. 

Then, as for your own, always make sure these are updated. These will serve as the introduction to your strategic plan. That’s also why these elements should say a lot about your company and its principles. Have them clarify what you wish to achieve or what you’re striving to become.

2. Conduct external and internal analysis. 

Something as simple as a SWOT analysis can provide context for your business’ development strategy. Look at your business opportunities and strengths. Having an external review will help identify your competitors and the market you’re hoping to insert. These should help clarify for you those areas in which you should primarily focus on those terms, as well.

3. Identify strategic issues. 

Outline problems you’re facing and critical issues that need to be addressed. What will be part of your strategy should become clear here as to why. 

4. Establish goals. 

Include short and long-term goals. Make these measurable to keep track of them. Also, include these on timelines you draft for the evaluation process you would’ve also defined as a part of creating a strategic plan. 

Could you still need help with a strategic plan template?

We hope the key elements of a strategic plan we’ve presented help you write a strategic plan. Along with our 4 quick steps to a great strategic plan template, we hope you find the required business direction to help you succeed. If you ever face any trouble with any business presentation design - and even content, however, know our content and design services are here to help!

We’ve created all sorts of startup and business presentations over the years. With 1,000,000 happy users from startup founders to marketers and sales teams, our automated approach to slide design has helped thousands of companies succeed. Feel free to contact us if the need arises!

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