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Let’s take a look at Tesla’s pitch deck, shall we? And we’ll also share insight on our revamped Tesla pitch deck template with you. 
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Epic Startup Pitch Deck Presentation

Tesla is a constant surge of news. From the electric car for the masses with accessible price points to the newest model being launched in 2021, Tesla Motors' latest insights over the past few days include being ready to join the S&P 500 at S&P Dow Jones. Reserved for leaders in top industries, this is an exclusive market-cap-weighted index in the stock market.

But what did a company like Tesla do when it came down to starting financials? Let's take a look at Tesla's pitch deck presentation, shall we?

We'll also share insights on our revamped, fully customizable Tesla pitch deck template with you.

Tesla motors pitch deck analysis and its template


Tesla's opening slide ensures quality branding. Just look at the logo, its positioning, the letter format, and you've got a straight image of Tesla's offer. Aim to do the same for the first impression of your company branding.


On the second slide, the team literally showed all the faces that make everything happen. A powerful title shows a team slide isn't just about introducing a team. It's about showing people that your team is stellar. That you grouped the best selection possible for your market and niche. The slide opens up with CEO Elon Musk introducing CTO, CFO, VPs, and Chief Designer. Make sure you highlight your team's strengths. This should be a slide to show off.

By the way, if it doesn't feel like you've got just that winning group behind your business idea, it might be worth looking a bit further into it. Get mentors, business partners, and experienced investors, or simply change your slides to highlight current strengths.


The third slide of this pitch deck is all about visualizing company growth over time. Tesla's decision was to display that through an area of focus. And they went for causing an impression with a bar chart to show their engineering team's growth over quarters per 3 areas. Highlighting specific fields is still very visual. Choose an area of significant growth for your company to date to fill this slide. And style it to cause an impression.


For the following three slides, Tesla showed off their collaborations with other big brands. The first one with whom they collaborated was Toyota. Highlight how much money is involved in any collaboration you wish to include. And specify what the deal involves.

Tesla's collaboration with Toyota

In Tesla's particular case, coming together with Toyota had to do with developing a fully integrated powertrain with battery and other features on expected revenue of $60M. Yet, they also included mentions of contracts for specific car models, for example. And added dates of already envisioned prototype showings and more.

Tesla's collaboration with Panasonic

Tesla's collaboration with Panasonic came on the following slide. And they decided to highlight long-term relationships with the brand and low costs plus improvements in cell development. See how they added a quote on this slide, especially. And they went for one by their partner, Panasonic's CTO, in their collaboration.

Tesla's collaboration with Daimler

The third collaboration slide regards a deal with Daimler. Most commonly known as Mercedes Benz, the companies focus on developing electric cars' battery packs and chargers. What Tesla does here is show the number of sales and its growth over the last 3 quarters.

Specificity on a model

The seventh slide on the deck is devoted to the Roadster model and its worldwide positioning. This slide concisely makes it clear just how well-positioned their product is on a global scale. And it does so in a way that's very straightforward on a visual level. They just literally show how this Tesla car model is positioned around the world.

They refer to images, a map, and a textbox that highlights the number of people who are driving the car around the planet. They also highlight all of the new locations they're opening up for sale.

Model S Slide

The next five slides are also devoted to a primary product. And that refers to another car model labeled as model S. For this five-slide pack, they dedicated a full slide to show a high-quality image of their product. In it, they used just a phrase of the most critical aspect of this model.

The next one gives more information on what makes this a great model, including unique features and performance. What we value here is whatever wows an audience.

The third slide on this model includes information on cumulative model S reservations over the past 7 quarters. The idea is to show steady growth over a significant period. And the fourth slide goes over the company's chances at a broader market opportunity with other types of cars. Its visuals again highlight the features that make that happen. That's how they bring up the common powertrain, adaptable common platform, and revolutionary packaging into 1 so easily. And the last slide to this set of 5 refers to a clear timeline. They mention what's punctually expected to happen over the next few years.

Highlighting strategic assets

The next 3 slides are devoted to strategic moves, such as a new facility, details on that purchase, and the features it offers. The pluses of that are capacity and advantage for model S production and a map of the facility and its expected distribution aim to make that clearer.

The slide after that includes strategic asset purchases. And the means to show that are again pictures of the most critical parts of the facility.

The last slide in this section is dedicated to a timeline that'll be followed to complete the facility's acquisition and preparation to start functioning.

Final deck slide

The last slide to Tesla's pitch deck template deck goes back to the beginning of the presentation. What we do is wrap up with a strong image of the brand in a high-quality photo. In this case, that ties back to a car's inside. And that might perhaps just be the primary commodity for their kind of sales.

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