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This weekly report template was designed for startups, small business and teams inside medium businesses to report their progress to their superiors, or to the rest of their teams.
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Imagine you could report your weekly progress to managers and colleagues in an engaging way. This is where a good weekly report template comes in handy. This document lets you summarize your weekly business activities and share it with the rest of your team. You can include images, infographics, and graphs to improve readability and attract the attention of your colleagues and clients.

Slidebean's weekly report template makes it easy to document details like sales, leads, revenue, and future financial opportunities. You can include all of this information in one place — there's no need for multiple pieces of software or several documents. What's more, your team can access this financial information on their desktop, laptop or mobile device wherever they are in the world.

Why You Need a Weekly Report

Weekly reports are crucial to the long-term success of your business. If you have several departments or multiple staff working on different projects, it can be difficult to keep track of everything going on in your company. Our weekly report template, however, lets you track progress, identify challenges and solve problems quickly. Think of this document as a sales summary, financial forecast and business plan all rolled into one.

With this pitch deck template, monitoring your business data has never been easier. Every week, you can keep track of sales activities, leads and other metrics that facilitate business growth. Use this template as a standalone presentation that you can share with your colleagues online or embed it into your emails, social media profiles or intranet pages. This way, every member of your team can access the same information — key performance indicators, work summaries, income and expenditure, etc. — at the same time.

Our weekly report presentation template adds structure to your business and lets you display your most valuable information in one document. With Slidebean, you can use this pitch deck to inform your team about the latest developments in your business and record important sales information. This template is really easy to use, even if you've never used presentation software in the past. The pre-formatted slides have plenty of space to include your weekly business summaries.

Use this template if you have weekly sales meetings or want to keep remote staff up to date with the latest developments in your workplace.



This slide has space to include a brief summary of your business and its objectives and goals. This is a great way to introduce your brand to prospective clients and investors.


Use this slide to forecast sales over the next week, month or longer. You can display this information with colorful graphs and charts.


A place for you to compile developments in your business from the previous seven days. List total sales, new leads or customer acquisition statistics and share these with your team.


Market research is essential for business growth. Use this slide to document any changes in your industry over the previous seven days or detail recent developments from your competitors.


List any fees you have paid in the previous week.


Detail your profits from the previous week.


Summarize any outgoings from the previous week.


If you outsource business services to third parties, compile a list of contractors on this slide and note any recent developments from the previous week. This will help you keep on top of your financials and share this valuable information with your team.


A place to gather other information that you want to share in your weekly sales meetings. This might include the number of closed deals from the previous week, conversion rates or average profits generated by each of your sales reps.

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