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Here’s how Slidebean can help you get funding

We are simplifying the pitching process. Find out what’s the best solution for you based on your needs and company stage.

Pitch Deck Software

Our presentation software makes the process of building a pitch deck simple and fast, with appealing results.

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Pitch Deck Services

Work directly with our team of business analysts to build the perfect pitch deck for your startup. We help founders with:
  • Pitch deck writing and design
  • Financial modeling 
  • Estimating your market size
  • Go-to-market strategy

The all-in-one pitch deck software

The Slidebean platform will help you create everything you need to pitch to investors and raise funds for your startup.

Online Sharing

Share your slides public o private


Invite teammates to work with you. 

Automated Design

Add the content and let our app take care of design 


To track every slide activity, from views, to time spent 

From content strategy to slide design

Our Agency Team consists of full-time analysts, storytellers, graphic designers, and financial experts. We’ll turn your vision and solution into a solid pitch deck.

500+ Satisfied clients

Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked and delivered more than 500+ successful projects

$300M+ Funds raised

$300M+ were raised in the last 18 months with pitch decks our team helped build
“By going with Slidebean, we were able to captivate and create a very cinematic and visually appealing pitch deck for investors”
Joshua Aviv, CEO of Sparkcharge
Joshua Aviv
CEO of Sparkcharge, raised $7M
“For us, it was a no-brainer to have Slidebean take the deck I drafted and make it look professional”
Jeremy Hill, Co-Founder of Cloaked
Jeremy Hill
Co-Founder of Cloaked, raised $425K
“Slidebean's content allowed us to cover the steps we needed to advance.”
Tanika McLeod, Co-Founder of Minute Skill
Tanika McLeod
Co-Founder of Minute Skill
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Pitch Deck Software
Pitch Deck Services
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