Angellist vs Investor Finder comparison

February 24, 2021

Facing Investor Finder vs. AngelList is a comparison we hope will help your choices as you seek new opportunities for your business. We know Investor Finder was built as a tool to help entrepreneurs find investors for their startups. And we don’t mean just any financial stakeholder at that. Instead, we’re talking about the best investor match for a particular business. 

On the other hand, AngelList offers other features that make the tool an option for most entrepreneurs as they seek new connections. So, to go through our comparison between Investor Finder vs. AngelList, we’ll break down a bit of info on each app or platform. We’ll then compare the two on a few pointers. 

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of it!

Acknowledging the pain 

First off, we want to acknowledge all of the trials that typically come along with this process. It can be naturally challenging to get to - and let alone choose - the ideal investor for a new business. Doing research to come up with a practical list of potential investors is certainly a demanding task. And the type of investors we reach who can be the best financial fit in the short and long term for our companies is also a vital combination to consider. 

The whole process of locating and introducing ourselves and our startups to potential investors is furthermore stressful. And there’s a lot to learn as we move forward with this. That’s why tools designed to make this process not only more efficient but less painful can undoubtedly help. Let’s now get to solutions, including advantages and disadvantages, in using InvestorFinder or AngelList.

Investor Finder vs. AngelList: A comparative review

There’s nothing like talking from experience. When it comes to business, people with a solid background might instantly consider other options (in a conversation, even) than you would get from a new starter. 

And there’s nothing wrong with being new to a startup scene. There are also plus sides to a fresh, new look. Yet, once someone has jumped through many business hoops, what they’ve learned from that experience can be extremely helpful. 

InvestorFinder comes from that invaluable business experience of different rounds and scenarios of startup funding in the world of investor finder apps. 

Investor Finder: Your solution to finding the right investors

So, even though InvestorFinder comes from an experienced startup itself, the process might still need a bit of clarification. That’s why we’ll start clarifying how InvestorFinder works. 

How does Investor Finder work?

First, you need to introduce your company to Investor Finder experts. For that, all you need is to clearly state that for which you’re looking. 

At this point, you want to know how much money you need to raise. Yet, highlight the reason for that precise amount, as well. Add tons of expert knowledge on the industry in which you’re working. And include reliable data on who’s already investing in that sector. 

It helps to know the type of investor profile in whom you’re interested, too.

With all the info above, devoted experts will research a database of over 40 000 contacts. And they’ll come up with the best possible matches for you and your business to send over email. 

And...that’s it! It really is that easy!

Image contains a laptop displaying an investor finder

AngelList: A bit more than just connections

AngelList, on the contrary, is an online website that’s catered to startups, entrepreneurs, job seekers, and investors. You can see the scope of building job connections here to deviate a bit from InvestorFinder’s primary task.

However, the above also means different features are a part of interacting or being on AngelList. Beyond just connecting with investors, AngelList gives users the option to post or find a job. It’s indeed an excellent network for tech enthusiasts, job seekers, entrepreneurs, a particular pool of investors, and more!

How does AngelList work?

With AngelList, people start by registering. This means signing up personally or for a startup. That sign-up alone grants users access to a list of related parties. That, of course, means being able to reach angel investors who could well align with your profile. 

After the steps above, using AngelList becomes about attracting people on that platform to your business. And you’ll need to stand out for that from all options available. You’ll equally need them to come into contact with you. 

To increase your chances of being reached, craft a full and appealing company profile. As a pointer here, you can also get in touch with AngelList’s staff. They can help you contact stakeholders by email, for instance.

How to decide whom to send your pitch on AngelList?

We need to conduct extensive research to determine the list of people to whom we’ll send a startup pitch. There should be a line of customary interest or follow-up in what we see. And that can be the filter through which we deem whom to contact. Go over potential investor profiles to learn about the companies in which they’re most commonly interested. And add that as part of the criteria you use to know which doors to knock.

Max out your benefits

Look into investor networks, as well, and engage with people on it, even. Follow stakeholders that call your attention and keep checking if any follow you back. Take further steps as moves arise. Emailing people is possible here. 

An additional tip from us

Another tip we can give you when sending out cold emails to investors is to do so wholly memorably. Work to call out to your receivers in genuinely appealing ways. This counts more than we typically value. 

Get someone to put in a good word.

References come in handy. If you know of anyone who could put in a good word for you, certainly use it. That intro alone can go a long way.

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We hope now that the differences between looking for investors on AngelList versus doing so on InvestorFinder are a bit clearer. 

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