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A simple way to manage all your conversations with investors in one place.
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Forget about spreadsheets

With Slidebean Investor Tracker, you can keep better track of all your investor conversations, information, and relationships in one place. Forget about updating a boring spreadsheet with our user-friendly platform.  
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Slidebean’s Investor Tracker allows you to

Easily browse your investor leads conversations

Our Investor Tracker is a centralized hub to manage all your investor communications, making it easy to keep track of investor contact details, previous conversations, and upcoming follow-ups. 

Never miss a follow-up

Setting reminders and follow-ups allow you to stay on top of negotiations and investment opportunities. easily  Sort your leads by negotiation status and last contact date 

Find the right investors

Answer four simple questions about your company stage, and we'll bring up a list of potential investors. Our investor finder browses thousands of investor data points available online and filters them by industry, company stage, fundraising needs and location.

Be one step ahead / Identify your ideal investors

Simplify the process of finding potential investors and understanding their investment preferences. Our Investor Finder provides a database of investors and their investment history, making it easy to filter and search for relevant investors based on industry.

Don’t lose control

Keep track of your negotiation status with investors. Log notes and updates from meetings and conversations, ensuring that you have a clear record of all negotiations, which can quickly get out of hand when taking to multiple investors at a time.

Are you ready to pitch?

Learn how Slidebean can help you get ready to meet and pitch potential investors
Slidebean lessons

Slidebean lessons

Slidebean platform offers comprehensive lessons on how to create stunning pitch decks, how to start a business and how to meet with investors, among others. 

Pitch Deck Builder

Slidebean's pitch deck builder saves you time with pre-designed pitch deck templates, optimised designs. Each presentation is fully customisable, facilitates collaboration, and provides valuable analytics.
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Slidebean financial modeling workshop

Financial modeling workshops

Our program teaches you the logic of driver-based financial modeling while our team assists them in creating the necessary spreadsheet for running their business. You’ll learn how to build and use it correctly.

Improve your skills with our Webinars

Slidebean's webinars on pitch decks and financial modeling are led by experienced instructors and provide comprehensive lessons on creating compelling pitch decks and driver-based financial models.
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