Best Powerpoint Presentation Software Alternatives for 2023

15 Best Investor Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

Best Powerpoint Presentation Software Alternatives for 2023
December 6, 2022

After a challenging year, 2021 certainly feels different. Doesn't it? It seems the year could quickly be filled with so many fresh starts! And making more thoughtful decisions around how we do business and bring our brands forward can undoubtedly be a part of that. 

That's why we're bringing a review of the best presentation software alternatives for 2023. With it, we're aiming to give you better options for software choices so you can get on board with significant changes.  We'll break down the best presentation software alternatives for this year. Yet, we'd first like to clear up a few preliminary queries around presentation software in general. Scroll down in case you'd like to jump straight to our presentation software options for this year. 

What are the benefits of presentation software?

Bear in mind at times, presentations need to be delivered virtually. And that's all there really is to it. This is so especially when so much has moved to online presence. In specific settings, presentations online or via a screen (digitally, we mean) are expected or a given. And in those scenarios, nothing could work more to our advantage than feeling confident. And being concise with the best presentation software at hand. 

On the other hand, consider visual aids. They're another plus. These can be especially effective on software that can play video or insert images and other media. But what does it take to call an app excellent presentation software?What makes a great presentation software?

The best software to build and deliver presentations is one that's reliable and just right for you. Let's start with that. 

First, you want to be able to get up on stage to pitch on software that'll deliver. Or sell that product over that one-on-one meeting with something that will be there for you without fail. And one that you can handle easily. So, seek programs that are easy to use and make life simpler for you. 

Hopefully, you'll also get an app that gives you the best quality presentations you deserve for your startup or business. Get software that's easy for you to use and fits your unique needs. Just in case, features tend to define if an app is what you need. So, get presentation software that lets you collaborate as a team on a single set of slides. But also one that enables you to edit content throughout. 

And then work on the slickest design at a quick speed. Get something that's easy to learn how to use and that others will enjoy. Also, use remote sharing, multiple format downloads, online presentation efficiency, and so much more!

For us, Slidebean does all of that. This is why you'll see it recommended as the first out of the 2 best presentation software alternatives for 2023 below. But first, how do these work? Defining that should help clarify what we can expect out of these tools. 

How does presentation software work?

Presentation software can be considered a virtual tool to create presentations. Whether downloadable (most commonly in older days) or to create and display presentations online, these tools work through diverse setups to condense information users enter. And it does so in a customized order. 

With Slidebean, for instance, artificial intelligence does all the work for everyone. A click or two get users to enter content on any given template. Or they let them move from that into the design part of any personalized presentation created from scratch. Then, diverse options make sharing available. With us, PDF downloads are available as much as remote presentation sharing and email links. 

Whether you're standing in front of an audience or communicating via email, presentation software lets you convey your pertinent information. On top of that, share images and play videos to give the best pitch ever for your business. 

Best presentation software alternatives for 2023

1. Slidebean

This app is truly fit to help startups raise capital with powerful pitch decks. The proof in the pudding's over 100+ different pitch deck templates for small businesses and startups that range from fundraising pitch decks to investor updates. 

Beyond just design slides, these formats provide users with an outline and a structure for seriously compelling decks. 

From financial models, marketing, and sales decks, we've got tools to seriously help starting businesses out considerably, primarily as the company seeks to grow. 

Do your interested topics fall out of this scope? No need to worry! This presentation software uses the power of artificial intelligence to automatically design user slides - of any kind! Slidebean lets you focus on what matters most to you for your work: your content and storytelling.

Sign up for Slidebean for free! 

Try Slidebean

2. Google Slides

Try a Google product otherwise. Especially if you feel like creating a presentation that you can share via commonly known products. One of the most popular alternatives to presentation software comes through this free platform for Google account users. 

Access it from their email tool and get to designing slides that go straight to the point. With simple features and equal design, Slides can deliver a standard presentation in diverse themes. Mainly varying per color theme, the pleasure behind any Google product is its ease. Yet, color and themes are applied to an entire presentation as a whole. Share it widely, collaborate with others, and store the work automatically on your Google cloud.

PowerPoint aficionados might enjoy presentation exports in this platform as they do come as PowerPoint files would. If you're looking for an easy-to-use program online to create slides, this might help. 

Otherwise, rely on AI-powered software that gets your slides to an entirely different competitive level in the world of presentation design. 

What's the best presentation software?

Out of the above, we firstly recommend using Slidebean. This software's best described as an AI-powered online presentation tool from a successful startup that's accrued valuable years of expertise. Since the company's starting date back in 2013, we've pitched our company ourselves to winning results in diverse scenarios. Several accelerator programs and successful seed rounds are now part of what's under our belt. 
Aside from the app and the many templates on offer, Slidebean's team of experts are furthermore available through Slidebean's Consulting and Design services. This is great as it comes as a reliable consultation option to edit or create professional slides. Get interviewed, know your pricing per slide, and get expert designer and business strategist assistance from our expert mixes in no time! Our response rates to deliver your slides back to you might surprise you. It's no wonder Crunchbase calls back on TheNextWeb's categorizing of Slidebean as the "Instagram for presentations."

Best Powerpoint Presentation Software Alternatives for 2023
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