How to find investors: Angellist, Cruchbase, Linkedin

15 Best Investor Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

How to find investors: Angellist, Cruchbase, Linkedin
November 9, 2020

This article brings about the best investor search tools you can use for free. It tackles how to take advantage of technology to secure the funding a startup or new business needs to keep thriving. In 4 best free investor search tools: LinkedIn, AngelList, Crunchbase, Investor Finder, we go over the most successful free investment search platforms, hoping we can give you all you need to know to find investors who are a good fit for your business. 

Startups at the stage of finding investors

First, we acknowledge how time-consuming and stressful it can be to find the right investors for a new business. In the worst cases, our most devoted efforts can be fruitless. That can easily make a startup's starting stages very frustrating. 

We don't just give our companies out to anyone with money to fund it, either. On the contrary, we need the right kind of people with proper background, expertise, interest, and funds. Moreover, these people need to contribute to making our startup the best possible offer in a new market insertion. 

Of course, this naturally demands a lot of time, research, requests for meetings, attending events, networking. It also entails coming up with and practicing the best elevator pitch or the most successful pitch deck for your startup, etcetera. The list is long!

And all of the above leaves little time for actual work on your company. That's why many new tools are trying to ease that curve for entrepreneurs and match investors with founders to get companies on the best track.

Forget about funding solely through accelerator or incubator programs for a minute. Competitive and hard to get into, here are a different set of the 4 best free investor search tools to help route funding rounds. 

4 best free investor search tools: LinkedIn, AngelList, Crunchbase, Investor Finder

1. LinkedIn

You probably know LinkedIn as a general job search social media platform. Yet, learning how to use it differently can help companies find the right people looking for companies in which to invest.

For that, keep an updated and active personal profile. Make sure your startup info is all there. Based on your contacts, LinkedIn's search function can assist significantly. It even gives you contact suggestions based on your network of connections. 

Groups and LinkedIn answers are also features that can get you noticed as you join in and take an active part in the conversation. Do the research and go through people's profiles. Check if they might be a good match. All of these interactions can be turned into profile visits. 

Also, make what's visible about you enticing enough to get people to reach out. Otherwise, you can always send a message out to those contacts that might be a good fit. Done right, this platform can be seen as a useful opportunity to connect with potential investors. 

2. AngelList

Here's one of the most popular platforms to find potential investors. So much so that its main goal is to allow companies to find seed funding and, of course, Angel Investors at that. 

How it works is you basically create a profile for your business. For that, you'll need to submit an application. Be very smart about it. Once you're accepted, AngelList allows you to connect with investors and employees by creating a list of potential investors' recommendations to whom you can reach out. If interested, based on your profile, then investors can start the process of funding your startup. 

As a tip on AngelList, try to build a network by inviting people to join or connect to your social media accounts. When using AngelList, though, the best piece of advice we can give is for you to make public highly valuable reasons for people to invest in your business. 

3. Crunchbase

The name gives out how we should look at this site. And that involves seeing it for the excellent database it is. Use it like that. Here, you can navigate tons of valuable company information that's also ordered in categories, such as companies, investments, and more. Use its filters to narrow down results, too. 

The goal is to find: 

1. Potential investors in a particular industry

2. Those who're already investing in the kind of business you have

3. Even those who are simply investing in the same types of rounds like the one you're on

Crunchbase basically gives you an excellent bank of information to make informed decisions on millions of company listings. All this can help you decipher who to reach out to next. 

4. Investor Finder

Our last tool is beautifully designed to help you find investors and angels across all industries. 

And this one is friendlier and easier to manage. You introduce your startup to the founders who came up with Investor Finder and explain what it is you're seeking. A group of experts will personally get back to you in less than 48 hours - it truly is as easy as that! 

And they'll hand out a list of investor contacts that's been specifically tailored to suit your company needs. You get access to the investors' previous investments and areas of interest in that breakdown, too. 

As if that were not great in itself, with Investor Finder you can craft the perfect pitch and financial model to secure your funding. 

Help yourself in your investor hunt

Finding investors is a huge task, and it's not necessarily an easy one. You had a great business idea and put a lot of effort into creating a new business. Now, making your dream grow can depend on an investor - or a set of them - who are the right fit for your company.

Don't settle for less than you can find and ease your investor hunt with tools, such as Investor Finder, who are here to help you deal with that startup funding stage in particular. Cutting down on time while getting a perfect return of meaningful and valuable investor picks is a great way to boost your startup funding.

How to find investors: Angellist, Cruchbase, Linkedin
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