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What are SaaS?

SaaSOps stands for “software as a service with automated operations.” They provide extra protection to workers who use software as a service solution. SaaS apps are everywhere! A network at any company might have 100 or more interactions with SaaS solutions a day. Every time we chat with coworkers, download, upload, or log in to an app while collaborating on a cloud, those interactions are secured to keep user privacy and a company’s information safe. And SaaSOps is the way those interactions are secured. 

SaaSOps are the way IT secures SaaS apps through centralized and automated operations. They take into account how people use applications and how data is managed and secured. In the end, they’re all about reducing human error and providing protection against potential risks.

How SaaS relate to user data

SaaS are designed to give the right user access to the proper data. To achieve that, they provide assistance through four different areas: 

  1. Analytics, insights, and reports
  2. Management, including application configuration, identity and access, and more. 
  3. Security with incident response. This includes file security and regulatory compliance. 
  4. Transformation, including structure, roles and skills, end-user training, and support.

All of the above is especially relevant as data breach becomes one of the most feared threats for organizations worldwide. Moreover, if we consider that it’s a real threat that can affect millions of people simultaneously. 

Let’s move on to pitching about SaaS to investors now. 

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How to prepare a pitch deck for a SaaS investor

We’ll now define what needs to go into a great SaaS pitch deck example for small businesses. And we’ll do so based on the Monthly’s famous pitch deck template which we’ve redesigned for an even better feel. Let’s go over those pitch deck slides together. 

1. Startup introduction

Use the first two slides to introduce the company and what you do. Explain your vision along with the why and why now. Take these first slides as the perfect moment to give the audience very valid and compelling reasons to listen to what you have to say.

2. Define the problem

Then use a slide to talk about the problem you’re addressing. As your presentation focuses on SaaSOps for small businesses, we hope the solution you’re providing is exactly what Monthly proposed for their problem. Concentrate on what you’re solving and how you’re doing that for this initial section. Give a clear idea of the full magnitude and size of that user problem to surpass a vague general view.

3. Show the product

Moving on to showing the product, display its interface, and be explicit about how that product solves the problem you just detailed. The question you should be answering here is how your product solves the problem you’ve identified. Demonstrate that through your product pillars, its benefits, and, if you can, showcase valuable customer testimonials. 

4. Describe the target consumer

Then, take up some room for slides on defining your target customers. And use another one for your startup’s business model. Use this as an opportunity to discuss your company positioning and how it’ll turn market challenges to advantages.

5. Value proposition and go-to-market

Now’s the time for a slide on your value proposition, followed by your go-to-market strategies. We inserted Slidebean’s name on the monthly stats slide to illustrate how to display these. 

When you’re pitching, incorporate how you’ll use the target investment and define if it’ll serve purposes of research, execution, product development, marketing strategies, or another goal. Say exactly where your investors’ money will go. And make sure what you display shows how you’re going to grow, and how your product is or will be profitable. This is key to an investor here. 

6. Rolling out plans

Make your rollout plan explicit via a new slide and use an additional one to demonstrate what sets you apart from your competitors. You should know your competition better than your thoughts, and that expertise needs to shine through a concise mapping of that market stance. Yet, it also needs to be entirely clear how big of an expert on your niche you are by whatever you put into your pitch deck script. By the way, yes, we suggest you have a script ready for what you’re going to say. 

7. The ideal team

Your team is another area in which you should excel for a successful pitch deck. Always display the key people who make up the strength of your company’s differentiating offer. You should be able to present this very proudly. Tell investors how ideal these key players are to your company ambitions. Include a high-quality professional picture of them and make sure your company comes across as highly approachable in that.  

8. Time to fundraise

We’ve already discussed at least 3 main reasons why you shouldn’t add a thank you slide as the last slide to any pitch deck. If you haven’t read that, we recommend you check out why. In the meantime, we suggest you use your last slide to make the desired fundraise figure very clear. Bluntly explain how much money you need, why, and how you plan on using it. This last slide should be all about your fundraising. This is ultimately the goal of a great SaaSOps pitch deck example for small businesses, right?

Slidebean’s presentation design services

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Having a hard time designing your pitch deck for a SaaS investor? Don’t worry! There’s no real need for you to manage it all on your own. Pitch decks and business presentations have been our area of expertise for a long time, so we’ve helped thousands of companies deliver memorable presentations. 

We’re here to make the job easier for you. Through our agency, we deliver top-notch presentation design services at variable price ranges. We can have a few calls to sit down with you and define your needs through project specs. Start with a quote for a presentation customized to your specific industry needs. It’s that simple and affordable to get a personalized deck, especially a great one within 48 hours. 

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