Slidebean Spotlight - MyStream

Richard Zelson


Founder, Chairman & CEO at RMZ Development LLC (RMZD) Richard became a 4th generation inventor and U.S. Patent holder in the process of creating MyStream®. The mobile application is a device-to-device music broadcasting technology which provides users with the ability to synchronously and wirelessly experience digital content together. 


How did MyStream® started?

It started while traveling, frustrated by not being able to easily share music with friends and from wanting to share music not headphones. The idea was to create a new way to provide real-time wireless communication directly between people via their mobile devices. 

MyStream® already enables music lovers to legally share their digital audio files by streaming over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, directly between multiple users and it designed to give people in the network the ability to play songs locally using the applications custom player, share active playing audio files in real-time, create and share profiles, set permissions, arrange and share custom MyStream playlists, and promote the on the spot content sales all within the platform’s private network. 

MyStream starts with music, but its expansion into all types of physically relevant content makes it a true game changer.


What is the biggest challenge for 2017?

For 2017 biggest challenge orour main focus will be expansion to the cloud and change, some important partnerships, pier to pier services and also more flexible products. 


How do you drink your coffee?

It depends, some days just milk with no sugar and others I will have an Espresso.


How did you find out about Slidebean?

Online, your take on the AirBnb pitch deck caught my attention and I thought it was a good way to compare presentations and immediately see how you could improve them. 

You can get the MyStream® here and also check out their website!