Top 10 Successful Startups from London

London, a global financial and cultural hub, has established itself as a flourishing center for startups and innovation. The city's vibrant ecosystem attracts entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts from all over the world. In this article, we will delve into the thriving startup scene in London and present a curated list of the top 25 startups in the city. These companies have not only demonstrated remarkable growth but have also secured significant funding to propel their visions and leave a lasting impact on their respective industries.

Startups in London

We've put together a list of some of the most promising and hottest startups in London.

  • Revolut
  • Deliveroo
  • Monzo
  • Babylon Health
  • Citymapper
  • Farfetch
  • Starling Bank
  • Bulb
  • Starship Technologies


London, England
Latest funding round: Direct Investment - $13,700,000
Total raised funds: $1,700,000,000~
Industries: FinTech

Revolut is a digital banking and financial technology company that offers a range of services, including currency exchange, international money transfers, and banking services. With its user-friendly app and innovative features, Revolut has disrupted traditional banking and gained a massive customer base.


London, England
Latest funding round: Series H - $180,000,000
Total raised funds: $1,700,000,000~
Industries: Food Delivery


Deliveroo is an on-demand food delivery platform that partners with restaurants to deliver meals to customers' doorsteps. Their technology-driven approach and extensive restaurant network have made them a leading player in the competitive food delivery industry.


London, England
Latest funding round: Series H - $475,000,000
Total raised funds: $1,100,000,000~
Industries: FinTech

Monzo is a digital-only bank that offers personal and business banking services. With its user-friendly app and transparent fee structure, Monzo has attracted a dedicated customer base and become one of the UK's most prominent neobanks.

Babylon Health

London, England
Latest funding round: Post-IPO Debt - $34,500,000
Total raised funds: $1,200,000,000~
Industries: HealthTech


Babylon Health is a digital health platform that provides AI-driven healthcare services, including virtual consultations, symptom assessments, and health monitoring. Their technology aims to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to people worldwide.

London, England
Latest funding round: Series D - $1,000,000,000
Total raised funds: $1,800,000,000~
Industries: FinTech is a global payment processing platform that enables businesses to accept online payments in multiple currencies. Their robust technology and focus on speed and reliability have attracted a diverse clientele, including leading e-commerce companies.


London, England
Latest funding round: Venture Round- £48,000,000
Total raised funds: £71.6M
Industries: Fintech


Creditspring is an FCA-regulated, responsible lender, providing a new way to access credit through a model everyone understands: subscription finance. This new approach to lending makes it fairer, safer and easier to understand. By paying a small fixed monthly fee, Creditspring members can access up to two no-interest loans per year. This approach means that members know exactly how much they will pay the moment they apply, as this model eliminates confusing APRs, hidden charges and, even more importantly, the risk of debt spiralling.
More than just providing loans, Creditspring’s custom tools and tips are included in all memberships, including the free membership, to help all members reach better financial stability.


London, England
Latest funding round: Equity Crowdfunding - $9,500,000
Total raised funds: $59,500,000~
Industries: Transportation and Mobility


Citymapper is a popular urban mobility app that provides real-time transit information, journey planning, and multimodal transportation options. Their platform helps millions of city dwellers navigate complex transportation networks seamlessly.


London, England
Latest funding round: Post-IPO Equity - $650,000,000
Total raised funds: $1,600,000,000~
Industries: Consumer Goods, E-commerce


Farfetch is a luxury fashion e-commerce platform that connects customers with a curated selection of high-end fashion boutiques and designers. Their platform offers a unique shopping experience for luxury fashion enthusiasts.

Starling Bank

London, England
Latest funding round: Series D - $610,100,000
Total raised funds: $1,100,000,000~
Industries: FinTech


Starling Bank is a digital-only bank that provides personal and business banking services, including current accounts and business loans. With its emphasis on transparency and personal finance management, Starling Bank has been a pioneer in the digital banking space.

Octopus Energy

London, England
Latest funding round: Private Equity - $1,500,000,000
Total raised funds: $2,100,000,000~
Industries: Fintech


Octopus Energy is a green energy supplier that offers renewable electricity and gas to residential and business customers. With its affordable, transparent pricing and commitment to sustainability, Octopus has gained traction in the competitive energy market.

Starship Technologies

London, England
Latest funding round: Series B - $42,000,000
Total raised funds: $197,700,000~
Industries: Robotics, Logistics


Starship Technologies is a robotics company that specializes in autonomous delivery robots. Their innovative robots are designed to deliver packages and food orders efficiently, transforming last-mile logistics. 

Should I start my startup in London?

London's startup ecosystem continues to thrive and innovate, solidifying its position as a global hotspot for entrepreneurial endeavors. The top 25 startups listed in this article represent a diverse range of industries, from FinTech and e-commerce to health tech and robotics. With substantial funding and a commitment to transformative solutions, these startups are reshaping their respective industries and contributing to London's status as a leading destination for innovation and creativity.

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